30 Jan 2010

We're NOT supporting Andrew Wakefield Facebook Group

I started a group on Facebook for everyone who wishes to record their opinion on the Andrew Wakefield GMC rulings. Anyone who is/is closely connected to an autistic person is especially
welcome. Join here:

Parents and autistic people supporting GMC rulings against Andrew Wakefield

I want to show that we do not all support Andrew Wakefield who despite the damning verdict against him, is unrepentant and said in his recent statement "It remains for me to thank the parents whose commitment and loyalty has been extraordinary."

The newspapers writing about the guilty man also refer to his support base and in some ways imply that parents of autistic children are more inclined to stand behind the disgraced doctor.
Please join the group and spread the word to show how we really feel about a man who has been found guilty of a disgraceful lack of ethics, a "callous disregard for the suffering of children" and who has done so much to denigrate autistic people and increase the spread of preventable infectious disease.


John Best said...
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Anonymous said...

What a charming, erudite, and witty comment from Foresam.

I used to think that the benefits of vaccination with MMR outweighed the risks. Now, though, Foresam has shown me the error of my ways and convinced me otherwise. Bravo, Foresam!

PS - have posted the link to your Facebook page on Twitter. All the best.

TheWiredOne said...

Support is the last thing that Wakefield deserves. The things that he has done: experimenting on children because of their being regarded as "abnormal" and less than ideal human beings have been done by only one other person, as far as I know. All I'm going to say as to who it is is that Wakefield is not in very good company.

Larry Arnold PhD FRSA said...

Oh John are you dumbest guy in the United States?

Wakefield has never supported the Mercury hypothesis of causation, he invented his own, that was what his paper was about. He believes in vaccines to the extent that he even patented one. Indeed he believes in three seperate vaccines in place of MMR. Three times the vaccine load. Is he still your hero?

John Best said...
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bullet said...

Sharon, I don't have owt to do with facebook, but feel free to add me to the list of supporters on the site.

Sharon McDaid said...

To the poisonous and pathetic little wart who's posting inane insulting comments, just piss off. I will not converse with someone so far beneath my regard.

Barbara said...

This HAS to be made known:

"The Lancet today finally retracted the paper that sparked a crisis in MMR vaccination across the UK, following the General Medical Council's decision that its lead author, Andrew Wakefield, had been dishonest.

The medical journal's editor, Richard Horton, told the Guardian today that he realised as soon as he read the GMC findings that the paper, published in February 1998, had to be retracted. "It was utterly clear, without any ambiguity at all, that the statements in the paper were utterly false," he said. "I feel I was deceived."

It was, Richard, totally false. Those of us who read it at the time knew that instantly - so why didn't you?

Thank you for actually saying this at last. We have waited 12+ years for this scientific evaluation. Meanwhile, how many children have died from the measles virus? Would you like to comment on that? My ex husband is deaf thanks to measles. I can't forgive Wakefield. I now, almost, forgive you. At least you admitted you've fouled up.

Autism spectrum/measles never added up. The differentials in the neurology (Purkinje cells) are there three weeks after conception.

Please do homework, or we'll keep you in detention with Foresam - a fate worse than death by boredom from aggressive and cognition-free psychosis.

Manuel said...

done....insidious nasty dangerous man....

Is Autism Treatable? said...

Thanks for adding this post. There's a clear conflict here about whether or not vaccines should be used at all on children.

Sharon McDaid said...

@Barbara, the whole house of cards he stood on has collapsed. About time too.

@Manuel, good man yerself.

@Is autism treatable, I don't see that conflict at all myself.

Anonymous said...

All of the evidence that was used against Andrew Wakefield was fraudulently produced and that man was indicted for money laundering; wake up people are you really believing these vaccinations are for anyone's highest good, it is a diabolical mad science purposely poisoning our planet and our children. There is only one element more toxic than mercury and that is plutonium! Mercury destroys the brain! Why was it ever put in a vaccination? And now it is in the flu shot. You people must work for the "Big Pharma", my only question for you is, "How much did you sell your soul for?"