15 Jan 2010


I've been thinking for years about how to deal with some difficulties I face. This has taken so much of my time and energy, it's drained me. I've had no desire to blog while this was foremost in my mind. But thankfully now I have reached a decision I can be...well not happy about, but confident that it's the right one. It's a huge relief to know for certain and to start now making plans to move on with a new phase in my life.

I have missed blogging. I enjoyed keeping this record of my children's development and the silly stuff we get up to as well as sharing my opinions on autism/disability/home education issues with anyone who chooses to read them. It's been an important outlet; writing posts here has often concentrated my mind, forcing me to research issues to be able to write with some knowledge and understanding. It's been a way of making contacts around the world with people with similar interests and of connecting with others writing about their own lives and areas of expertise. I love reading blogs and even when I wasn't writing my own I have continued to read the blogs I've subscribed to, though I've very rarely commented on any. I have stopped reading a few that were just starting to piss me off with their lazy stereotyping, especially those with sexist and (all too often) disablist writing. I just don't have the energy to witness that stuff.
It means I stay away from many mainstream comment sites like CiF on the Guardian and the BBC websites- shudder.

Today I will meet with an education psychologist from the local education board. I want to investigate schooling options for Duncan. I'm not sure whether or not I will enroll him in a school again but will think about it seriously and figure out what he prefers. Thomas too is thinking of starting at school for the 1st time in his life. Lady has no desire to be schooled. I will support their choices.

I'm tired but getting by. I can be proud of how the children are thriving; obviously I am more than coping, despite the fact that my home is only rarely tidy and there's a long list of home repairs needing to be dealt with.

Also, the whole family is lucky enough to be going to Disney World for a fortnight in February. I'll be sure to see that the children have a fabulous time. It'd be very hard not to!


Jax said...

Sounds like big changes may be afoot, wishing you continued strength to deal with them. Good to hear from you again.

farmwifetwo said...

I "after school" as they call it. School's had it's highs and lows... the last month having been "entertaining" (eye-roll) but it's fixed now.

Just 30min, on weekends and holidays and 15min after school, helps a lot and you still get the respite time with them in school. My boys are 8 and 10 and expect it, and no longer bothered by it. The little one will tell you when he gets home "speech, then computer" - he plays on it afterschool.

Best of luck, and hope it goes smoothly.

Grannymar said...

I missed you Sharon! I hope the time out helped to get things a little clearer in your mind. I wish you well in your decisions for the future.

Allie said...

Good to read a post from you. Good luck with everything.

Robert said...

It all sounds very sensible to me. And you have every right to be proud of your children. Your family can't fail to enjoy Disney World.

Best wishes

Lisamaree said...

It is lovely to see you back Sharon. Putting the head up over the parapet to blog a little is a good sign for you.

There is no reason why what YOU feel shouldn't be part of your considerations.

That's not to say that I would ever force my kids into a school just to give me a break - I actually took Boo out of the wrong type of 6-1 school because it was making him so miserable.

When he was in that school, and he went back after they fixed a few things, I "after schooled" like farm wife" And boy was it tough.

But I would factor in your needs aswell. Good mental health means care of the self. And good mental health makes a happier person and parent.

Having my kids in the right school setting has made my brain much healthier and I think they both like me more.

As for Disney World? The offer to get you an IAA card stands. It will help with the airport and queueing situations - you can ask to go around security via the "staff" queue etc.
It will also get you the "blue pass" in Disney. However, in Florida the % of technically disabled folk means that the blue queue can still be rather busy.

I also heard that since the Global Financial meltdown a lot of Florida Retirees have had to go to work to get health care.

So the Happiest Place in the World is now staffed by pissed off old people who lost all their savings in Goldman Sachs. In mouse ears.

I'm sure that will add to the fun!


(just email me for a form if you want the card. Works in Heathrow too. Although Boo got the pat down body search I got the security guy to pretend he was giving him a "tickle")

AnnB said...

Glad to see you back on line Sharon - you were missed. Hope the mist is lifting for you, I can so relate to being in that space. I agree with Hammie re the help with queuing - we would have been lost without the blue pass for boy wonder in Disney. He was able to enjoy the experience without the stress of queues. Any help with airport security is also to be welcomed we had an insane amount of liquids and equipment that we needed to carry and it was great to have the help - otherwise we could still be there trying to convince people we were legit!

Sharon McDaid said...

Thanks all of you for the welcome back.
I'll email you Hammie about the card.

Manuel said...

drivel will be deleted, crikey that's all I got....!

It's good to have you back....seriously I have a dirty great big fillet with your name on it.....anytime...

Sharon McDaid said...

Hi Manuel, my (not very) considered commenting policy was written when I was being hard hit by a persistent and nasty bigot.

Dirty big fillets...you know how to cheer me up all right! I've not been out for a while so better put that right. Thanks x