26 Jan 2010

Social Story Video for Flying with Duncan

Duncan has been a bit anxious about flying to Orlando. He's been asking that we fly with Flybe and Virgin, the 2 airlines we used last time when we flew via London. He kept saying, "no Aer Lingus!" and I didn't push it. A few nights ago I was lying beside him in bed and looking at pictures on my laptop. He was looking on. I started looking at Aer Lingus aeroplanes and he asked to have a closer look. Then he wanted to watch videos about Aer Lingus so we YouTubed for a while; ended up watching a cheesy ad I remember from my childhood, showing the cabin crew as comely maidens clad all in green and the pilots as dudes of a certain age; abounding in wisdom and reliability. In fact as soon as you got on board, you were as good as home.

Duncan enjoyed it anyway. He'll probably be asking me to download the soundtrack for The Mission next.

Yesterday I asked him if he would help me make a film about going to Orlando. He agreed so I powered up Windows Movie Maker and sat by him. He immediately suggested the appropriate music, "Here comes the sun" by The Beatles. He's used that song before! I thought it was an excellent choice so we went on from there, adding text and pictures. He insisted on including the train picture at the end!

(I've already ordered the train from ebay so will slip it into our luggage and take it with us to save the stress of trying to find it out there. I only hope it's enough to distract him from his original idea of buying a cuckoo clock at Epcot- so expensive and delicate!)

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Allie said...

What a good idea!