1 Jul 2009


Sunday was another fine day. We had to take the train into Belfast to pick up the car, abandoned the previous night. We decided to go to Delamont Park for the first time since Duncan's 6th birthday. It was beautiful. Even the drive was pleasant. The children were in great form, Duncan was leading the others in a clapping/chanting game about hot chocolate. The park itself borders the gorgeous Strangford Lough. After riding the miniature train (we could hardly be expected not to!) we followed one of the many guided trails opting to go by the lake. Duncan started off in the buggy but lept out almost instantly to run after his siblings. We passed a lawn on which Lady performed various gymnastics/tumbling maneuvers. Various bits of exercise equipment dot the paths and the children all had a go on a device with handles and a swingy bit for the legs. Duncan and Thomas worked on it for 10 minutes, their wee legs swishing back and forth like upside down metronomes.

When we got to the lake, the children ran onto the stony beach and tossed stones into the water. Duncan found a few big stones he labelled stepping stones and lept about on them like a mountain goat. I forced myself to keep quiet, but was a bit freaked in case he fell in as we had no spare clothes.

A week without rain (yes really!) had left the grass looking dry and a bit grey. It didn't seem to have harmed the grasshoppers we heard but didn't see. Duncan was a bit freaked out by the preponderance of flying insects. No matter how I try to reassure him, he thinks they're all deadly stinging creatures intent on harming him. Eventually I hope, he will pick up on my lack of concern about these creatures and lose this fear. But for a while he retreated to his buggy and pulled his T-shirt over his face for protection while I struggled to push him up a bumpy hill path, That was my work out for the day.

After our walk the children played for a while in a really cool adventure playground. Lady and Thomas loved the long steep slide, but it was a bit too much for Duncan.

To finish we called into the food establishment preferred for our family composition; the McD drive through. Burgers, fizzy drinks and ice cream provided the perfect accompaniment to what had been a busy and just about perfect day.


Club 166 said...

We go to McD's all the time, too, but it's sad to contemplate that that's the bit of American culture that gets exported to you.


Grannymar said...

Wow, you certainly had a busy weekend. I love Delamont Park, one of these days I must head that way again.

Sharon McDaid said...

Joe, never worry, we've loads of great American culture her too. It's not just McDs!

Grannymar, it's a beautiful place.

kathleen said...

we have had constant rain here since 6/12! I sounds like a lovely day...I so totally understand the wet clothes anxiety..I get so frustrated with myself when I forget to bring along extras...as for insects..if you ever find a way of erasing the fear-please share it!!!....There are days when one of my crew will scream so loud and long upon seeing one-that you would think they were being attacked by godzilla...How funny the word verification is "ingsti" unscramble and get sting :)

Elaine Caul said...

Sounds like you all had a brilliant time. The weather hasn't been too bad these past few days. Maybe we'll get the summer we're hoping for at long last.

AnnB said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend. Hope the summer provides many more of them.