27 Jul 2009

Notes from the week

The first week of summer scheme was a great success. Thomas informed me that it was excellent and that he didn't even know he'd make some new best friends. He's especially keen on a boy whom he likes because he's kind, funny and thinks Thomas is funny too. I thought those particularly good qualities to look for in a friend. Lady told me that Thomas is hanging out with a few other boys his age who run around saying, "uh oh, spaghetti-o!" which is Thomas' new catch phrase. There are worse things he could have taught them! His other new thing is to describe everything, deadpan style as, "fascinating." I don't know where he gets these things.

Lady has joined a group of pals all into sporty stuff. She loved the swimming, badminton and gymnastics best. I'm happy that they're both enjoying it.

Duncan and I had 3 quiet days together. We did a few tasks in town, chilled out at home, cooked chicken, printed out more pages for his Thomas the Tank books and went for lovely walks in the forest with Pippi dog. We also went to see the paediatrician and unlike the last time (hellish) it all went so well. The paediatrician wanted to review his progress since starting the medication. However he only took it for a month to no discernible effect. I thought about increasing the dose, after discussing that option on the phone with his doctor, but instead decided to stop giving it to him. By then the weather was better and we've been outside a lot more which helps him burn off his pent up energy and like all of us, he's happier when it's nicer outside.

He found a Thomas the Tank book in the waiting room so spent his time in the doctor's office avidly looking through it, reading out little lines now and then. I was so much more aware than ever before of talking about him in front of him, and trying to save his potential embarrassment. He was listening carefully even though he appeared not to and told me "that's enough" when I told some anecdote or other.

We went to the funfair for a while on Saturday while Lady had her cheer leading class. I took Thomas on the waltzer. Sweet mother, never before have I experienced a ride so fast. It went on for ages, kept slowing down giving me a false sense of relief that it was finally over, only to speed up again. It was like some sort of metaphor for life. Thomas was shaking when we alighted, but got his nerve up enough to sit by Gordon on the bumper cars while I accompanied Duncan. He "helped" me steer and we'd a great laugh. It was the only ride he wanted to go on, he just watched the rest.

On Sunday morning Duncan asked me to take him and Pippi for a walk. He specifically requested that the rest of the family not come! We walked for a couple of miles in the forest park and out near the shop. I had no money with me and he was content to just walk past and not go in. It was really nice. He took his scooter and was a little way in front of me. He pushed the scooter up one especially steep and bumpy hill saying as he went, "this is very hard work. Will I ever see the top!" Then nearing the road he took Pippi's lead and I carried the scooter. She kept digging in her heels and looking back to see where I was which limited his ability and desire to race off.

Later, Gordon's mum came over to babysit while he and I went shopping for clothes he needed. He's off to San Fransisco on Wednesday for a week long conference so he's got to look sharp. I'm well used to being the only adult about. But perhaps some time soon I'll get to switch the roles, at least occasionally.


farmwifetwo said...

We're off to the Child Psychiatrist tomorrow for the little one. Eldest has been to see him and after that trip is now medless. Things he told me that I didn't know.

1. Children should be on meds for 6mth to 1yr tops and then weaned off for a minimum of 2 weeks, 4 if you can handle it. We'd been on risperdal for 2+yrs and it had rebounded (created the symptoms it was suppose to be helping with)

2. If you have to increase the dose it's the wrong meds. Go back to step one and try something new. We'd increaded the risperdal over those 2yrs.

Not, that it is perfect but he can handle himself. No, I don't regret using the risperdal, he couldn't even sit to eat a meal, sit at a stoplight without a mild anxiety attack (claustrophobia) and the dual thoughts you could see smoke coming out of his ears :) And it did help the destructive/self harming behaviours but most of that has been hard work btwn him and I and not the meds.

Little boy's having attention/sensory issues. They have reached the "now what do I do" stage... He's the only Child Psych in our area that will see autistic children and deal with meds. My Ped doesn't pretend to know them well enough and we're pls'd to have the second opinion.

bullet said...

It sounds like you've all had a good time. The rides sound good :D. Tom went to his playscheme two days last week and loved the soft play room and the library in particular. He told me on Thursday: "we go down the quiet way corridor to the library." Today we are going to the dentist, which means two buses, so I'm not looking forward to that as I hate buses. However, the lads love them so it'll be a nice treat for them before the dentist. Tom is very good at opening his mouth and showing his teeth and so far that's all he's had to do (the dentist doesn't put any instruments in his mouth). Jacob refuses to co-operate at all and usually the dentist gets to see about two seconds worth of teeth before if I can make him laugh. I cope with the dentist by shutting my eyes in the chair and not speaking.

steph said...

I hear and can fully appreciate your frustation.

I was asked at interview once what was my proudest achievement. Without hesitation I answered "my children".

Your freedom will be all the sweeter when they it comes!

Grannymar said...

Children are fascinating when they are trying out the phrases they learn from their peers.

You certainly all packed plenty into the few days. I hope the weather improves so that outings are not marred by rain

Sharon McDaid said...

@Farwmifetwo, the drug Duncan was prescribed has been approved for use by children with ADHD for years and has a good evidence base. Myself and my pharmacologist/physician husband discussed dosage with the 2 paediatricians we met with at the hospital and I am happy that in this case, titrating the dose up until the optimal dose/effect is achieved is entirely correct.

It's good that you have a psychiatrist who cares and helps. I hope he's also able to give good advice for your younger son.

@bullet, the rides were fun and thankfully, we all enjoy the same sort of things. Glad to hear how much Tom likes his playscheme. I hope the bus trips weren't too awful for you!

@Steph, Hello you! I must go see what you've been up to.
I concur on your interview answer.

@Grannymar, it can certainly be eye opening to see what they learn from their peers! Thankfully, it's mostly good so far.
As for the weather, as I type, there's another thunderstorm outside. :-(