19 Mar 2009

Who do you love the best?

I spent most of Paddy's Day '09 with my 2 boys. We baked cakes then covered them with green icing and jelly beans. A few special "chuckie"cakes (don't bother me with the spelling M, I'm being ironic!) got the green, white and orange beans and these we took to my dad's place where we were having dinner. We all had a lovely evening, Thomas played Kerplunk with anyone willing to give him a game, Duncan jumped on the bed and pulled the rail off a wardrobe - oops. Daddy said that he had to sort his clothes out anyway. Right. Duncan also enjoyed a few tickling and tumbling games with his Granda, especially "throw me over the balcony," an exciting swinging game and "take him away" in which he kisses Granda who pretends to want rid of him and I or another volunteer try to prise him away. They invent new ones every month or so and it's all very exciting.

Duncan headed off to the loo taking the Argos catalogue with him so I knew it was a sit-down assignment. A few minutes later we heard pouring water and he'd decided to run himself a bath. He had a lovely wee soak, splashed the bathroom and got himself all nice and clean again.

Eventually I decided I'd allowed everyone to enjoy the pleasure of my boisterous boys for long enough and we headed home. It was nice to be asked out, much better than sitting home all day.

In the car, Thomas was muttering to himself then wondered aloud what his last word would be. He'd had a first word, he explained, so it made sense that he had to have a last word too. I said that my last words would probably be something like, "just another slice please!"

Later in the evening Lady returned after a very successful trip to Donegal with her pals. Unfortunately she arrived at that part of the day when I've just about run out of cheer and good will and I was giving out to Duncan for some mess or other he'd created and she was saddened to see me cross and sadder still that her Daddy would be away for the next 3 nights for meetings and lectures. But they had a great chat the next morning and she felt better again.

The next day we ladies watched Pride and Prejudice (Ehle and Firth version, yummy) while I combed her matted hair for hours. It's all nicely plaited again now. Then while the gymnasts in the family did their thing, Duncan and I went shopping, he sitting in the Tesco trolly for disabled children. Right by the trolley park was a mound of Easter eggs in Thomas the Tank boxes. Uh oh, chocolate and Thomas combined, a potent mix. He picked one up, examined it and said, "Thomas! Duncan likes it the best!" Then he thought for a while and said, "and Thomas likes Doctor Who the best and Lady likes Bratz the best." (He's a few years out of date with that last, but it's nice he's thinking of them.) I asked, "What does Mummy like the best?" He answered, "Mummy likes Duncan the best" earning a big smile and affirming hug from me.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,

I am playing catch-up after my week down in Dublin.

You seem to have been as busy as I was. Dublin had a great atmosphere on Tuesday for the St Patrick's day parade. It was a real meeting of cultures from across the globe displaying talent, colour and good fun.

I love Duncan's blog!

Anonymous said...

This is a brilliant blog, you had me laughing out loud, particularly at the bit where you say: he took the Argos book so it was a sit down assignment (or words to that affect).

CJ xx

Sharon McDaid said...

@Grannymar, I'm glad to hear about your Dublin adventures. Everyone who has mentioned it seems to have had a fantastic time.
Thanks for visiting the boy's funny little blog and leaving a comment. He'll probably get me to put something on again today.

@Crystal Jigsaw, I should copy your comment onto the top of my sidebar. Thanks for giving my ego a lovely boost, after all, it's my main reason for blogging ;-)