17 Mar 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day and another new blog

Happy Paddy's Day to each and every one of you who read what I spew forth onto this blog via my cracked laptop every so often.

Our favorite leprechaun
Photo owned by Irish Philadelphia Photo Essays (cc)
I guarantee I will not be mixing with his type at any stage of the day.

I'd say the parade in Dublin will be good, but I've never been to the Belfast one and have no intention of changing that habit. Our trip to a local parade last year ended in mixed success. Since I'm at home with just the boys, we're just going to make some little cakes and cover them with green icing before devouring with a nice cup of tea.

We'll go out to see the my dad and step mum later and I think it's much wiser way to share the day with people who care for us and who won't tut at non-normal children.

Also, I've been encouraged/persuaded/forced to start up a blog for Duncan who wanted a blog of one's own. Go and have a look and say hello. You never know, he might even not ignore you!


Anonymous said...

Happy St Patricks Day :)

Anonymous said...

Happy St Patrick's Day :).

Casdok said...

Hope you all have a great Paddy's day!

Gonzo said...

Hey that's great, I'll add his blog to my blogroll (I'm a Rugrats fan, too!)

Duncan's blogging will leave all the self-proclaimed experts in tatters, though.
Doherty will have to undiagnose him, or move him up the spectrum, because he's convinced "real" Autistics can't blog, whereas that paranoid Autistophobe Sigman says keep them kids off the interwebs, or they'll become Autistic.
It's a win-lose situation, really.

Happy St.Paddy's Day to you all!

AnnB said...

Hope you got the same beautiful spring weather up there. It's magical here in the West with the sun dancing on Galway bay. I'm seriously impressed with Duncan's films - do you know there is a kid's film festival in Galway? They do lots of fantastic workshops with some really talented film makers: http://www.juniorfilmfleadh.com
it might be worth a look, he's got real talent.

Elaine said...

As you are very well aware, the prevalence of children being diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder is increasing at an alarming rate. We would appreciate your assistance in helping us try to identify if the use of epidural analgesia/anesthesia and Pitocin during childbirth have any association with the development of autism.

If you are willing to participate in a survey questionnaire, please email Elaine DeLack, RN at elaine@edmsllc.com and the questionnaire will be emailed to you for your completion.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this research.

Sharon McDaid said...

Thanks all of you, we had a nice day of it.

Miss Gonzo, Duncan's blog on a blog roll! That's fantastic!

Heh heh! I like that it will mess with their heads, an unexpected bonus of Duncan's desire to join blogopolis.

AnnB, we are having beautiful weather and I'm glad it's good for you in the gorgeous west too.

Thanks for the nice compliment for Duncan. Hopefully at some stage he will take advice and instruction from others but for now, he wants to do it all HIS way!

Elaine, you've left the same comment on 2 of my posts and on other blogs I read, and comments that in no way engage with the post are known as spam.
This is no way to do a study, to contact people and tell them what you are trying to ascertain?! What can you possible hope to learn by spamming blogs and inviting skewed responses from people who might be inclined to respond solely because they did have an induced labour or an epidural. You can't call this research, well not good research anyway.

Lisa said...

Ha! I was just waiting for you to respond to that one from Elaine. One more thing to tick off my "it was all my fault list" hey Elaine, I had 2 epidurals and a spinal, what does that win me?

Glad you had a nice Patricks Day.
Going to feature Duncan's blog on my links list this arvo. And put him on my blog roll too. It's a lovely blog.


Sharon McDaid said...

Hi Lisa, these blamers are a nightmare. I had an epi with one baby who is not now autistic and was induced 3 times and 2 are not now autistic. So flippin what.

It's so nice of you to have Duncan's blog on your sidebar. When he's a world famous (something) you can say, I supported him way back when.