4 Nov 2008

Fun all over the planet

I took the children to a travelling fun fair last night in Belfast. Duncan was especially keen to go, associating Halloween with Planet Fun, even more than (as he calls it) "tricks and treats".

Gordon's been at a conference since Saturday. I asked Duncan if he would write him an email. He typed the 1st sentence and dictated the rest, and this is what he said:
Dear Daddy

Now Duncan is a cute boy. Daddy was a good man.

Duncan is drinking hot chocolate and playing Dogz 4 like a demo.

Tonight is Planet Fun from Halloween in Granda's apartment. We're
going to look at the Mad Mouse from Halloween.

Duncan loves Daddy the best boy in the whole wide world.
Gordon was able to receive his emails while sitting in a meeting, and somehow from his response, I think he liked it!
I love you Duncan- your letter made me so happy.

I hope you have a fantastic time tonight at Planet fun

I love you very much

Your Daddy

That night I loaded the children in the car and we set off into the cold, dark night. We parked at my Dad's place since he lives near the huge, ugly building hosting the fair, and I fueled myself with a bowl of pasta then hit the noise, lights and crowds.

I was very concerned about losing Duncan, though even if he had managed to sneak off from sight, I'd have a good idea of where to find him. But it definitely was more stressful for me to be out at night among so many people with no other adult on hand. Lady and Thomas were instructed to keep together and stay near me as I knew Duncan would be liable to dash off to whatever caught his eye with no notice. I even took a photo of him just as we arrived in case I had to give his description to any security staff, paranoid or what?

SO for all my fears, we had a good time. Duncan was pleased to watch one of his favourite coasters, the Mad Mouse, and then his siblings rode the Caterpillar Coaster/Wiggly Worm or whatever it's called. He enjoyed watching them from the otherwise deserted back end of the ride, and racing the train as it went.

He chose to go on the animal train and since there were few young children around by then, he rode up front and rang the bell ecstatically all the time.

It made him so very happy, and that made us all happy. The fella working the ride looked like he'd had a sense of humour bypass though.

They went on a few more rides, Duncan again choosing one usually favoured by the under five age group, and Lady and Thomas enjoying something a bit more thrilling.

Today I worked for a while on planning an itinerary for Disney World in Florida. We're leaving next week and are psyched about it. I dare say the parks will have a bit more to offer than the particular brand of fun and thrills available last night in Belfast, even if they're are much less easy to access.


Allie said...

Glad you had a good time. That email was very sweet.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you all had a wonderful time.

Nick McGivney said...

Sounds like a good evening there. Funny thing about carny workers. They really do have to join a union before they get to work at the funfair. Rule 1: Smile and you're out. Rule 2: Be skinnier than a greyhound and wear arm tatts. Rule 3: Denims. And cigarettes. Rule 4: Smile and you're out.
Where do they find these noise-and-colour-intolerant people? I think they just saw the unfair part of the job description and signed up. Aren't they great!