13 Nov 2008

Live Blogging the Holiday!

We've been up since 5am, got the taxi to the airport at 5.20, landed in Gatwick at 8ish and are now in the Virgin Vroom, whiling away the hours until we can board our Orlando bound flight this afternoon.

Duncan was a bit worried on the flight here. His ears hurt and he panicked a bit about landing, calling out loudly a few times that we were going to crash when we landed. He wasn't interested in my reassurances that we had a very able pilot looking after us. When we did land (very smoothly) he grinned and said, rather surprised, "we didn't crash!"

The Vroom is perfect for this gang. Gordon is on kid duty for now. There's a soft play area where the boys are currently launching themselves off foam structures and crashing into each other. Thankfully, there are no other children in it!

We've had bacon rolls and coffee, and the children have helped themselves to juice and croissants. We'll be here for a few hours yet, but I can think of worse ways to spend the morning. There are loads of terminals and we've all been checking out our favourite sites, the play room id helping burn off the crazy amounts of energy the bunnies possess, there are a few games consoles, and as much food and drink as we want. It's well worth the fee to come here.

So anyway, we'll arrive in Orlando at 6pm EST, get the hire car and head to the hotel/apartment thing. Tomorrow we'll hit the mouse kingdom, bur best of all, we're lucky enough to be in Florida while a shuttle launch (Endeavour) is planned. Obviously, no matter how tired we'll feel, we're going off to get a closer look at that tomorrow evening!

I'll update when I can.
Keep well, and don't let the cold, wet weather bother you too much!

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Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful adventure! I will look forward to updates as and when you can.