9 Sept 2008

"Let's go!" said Duncan

Duncan lives much of his life as if he's starring in a film. He has an ongoing script that he mutters to himself as he goes along. When he's riding his bike he's really Percy the cheeky steam engine and he crashes into buffers or goes too fast and comes off the tracks. As well as the Thomas Tank stories, an assortment of other characters and scenarios are played out.

Recently he's taken this a step further. In the past few days when he answers me or tells me something, or just is scripting one of his myriad adventures, he puts his own words in quotes. As we walk into the shop together he says, "'Let's go!' said Duncan."

When I don't get him a book he wants, it's, "'You're a nasty woman,' grumbled Duncan."

When he can't get a new Trainz engine downloaded he says, "'Oh dear, it's all wrong' cried Duncan."

At bedtime, when I ask him to turn the computer off and come to brush his teeth, "'I don't want to go to bed,' moaned Duncan."


Sharon said...

That's cute! Andy sometimes does that but seems to only use said instead of other words like grumble and moan.

Allie said...

That is lovely.

abfh said...

What a fabulous imagination -- I love it!

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

Littl'un spent a few months narrating life in the third person ... still adds "I said" sometimes!

And has taken to renaming everyone in the family over the last couple of days.

Very like a film or TV plot.

Ed said...

We could all use some narration at times and the grown-ups sometimes get it all wrong.

Sharon McDaid said...

Hello another Sharon. I can thank Duncan's hours spent listening to Thomas the Tank videos for his extensive collection of speech descriptive words.

Allie and ABFH, thanks!

Little'un is obviously very smart with a great imagination.
I remember my daughter (aka Lady) used to ask me to call her various posh girl's name like Amelia and Emmeline when she was 4.

Ed, I have an internal narration at times when the reality of whatever I'm up to is just too dreary. I too can be a super hero, but no one knows!

John Braine said...

Cute. When I spend vast amount of time reading (which could never happen these days!), I find myself describing mundane events in my head... very narratively. "John walked steadily down the dusty stairs, gently creaking beneath the dusty carpet, wondering how he would dine on this fine morning, would it be toast? or rice krispies perchance? To the kitchen Holmes!"