11 Sept 2008

Duncan tells us how it is

Duncan made a few more pictures so I put them into a film. I thought it might be nice to have him talk about them, so I asked him if he wanted to tell me about his pictures. He was ever so happy to comply, and I recorded his thoughts on my MP3 player.

He loves the end result. He likes watching the other films we made of his own pictures but this one is his new favourite.


Suzanne said...

Looooove it! I have to comment about him commanding "Silence!" Reminds me so much of my 10 year old (Downs) boy. We can't take it personally, because their desire to be independent is so great. :o)

Sharon McDaid said...

Thanks Suzanne.
I agree, I take pleasure in his ability to express his needs and his desire to do things for himself.

Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful idea to make the mini video and add the sound. You are more than ready for PodCamp!

Sharon McDaid said...

Wahey! I'm a technophile and I didn't even know it.

Thanks Grannymar.

Anonymous said...

Love this. Especially Duncan singing the polka dot song!

Club 166 said...

Very Nice!

What program did you do this in?


Sharon McDaid said...

M (Miche?) ta very much.
You wouldn't be so fond of the original Polka Dot song though. It's one of those random things Duncan discovered on the internet.

Hi Joe, I used the Windows video editor. It's OK for my purposes. I'm sure there are better programs out there, even freeware stuff, but not that I know of.