29 Jun 2008

All in a row

Have I mentioned before that Duncan likes Thomas trains? Oh I must have. Here are a few examples. I even took part in an NAS survey about autism and Thomas trains and was quoted in their report.

Duncan's interest in the trains comes and goes and is strong again right now. Yesterday I took a few photos of the boy's bedroom after he'd been playing contently for a while.

He has customised most of the trains in some way. He has stuck on bits of modelling clay or dubbed on paint, aiming to make the engines look more like what he wants of them.

Sometimes, the old games are the most fun.


Club 166 said...

Like Duncan, Buddy Boy has a thing for inanimate objects with human faces on them. He also tends to anthropomorhize other inanimate objects that don't have such faces, and likes to build "robots".

It's all good fun.

andrea said...

Ooh, fun!

I still have my HO-scale train equipment. (-: I wonder what kids found fascinating before the advent of trains?


Sharon McDaid said...

Joe, what about that "impaired imagination" stuff eh?! I think our children have a fascinating outlook and ability to adapt their environment in their play. A couple of random objects aligned just so, can make Duncan's room a while other world. Sometimes I get it and feel such a thrill when I see what he has achieved and how.

I love the photos you put on your blog of Buddy boy's creations and the fantastic contraptions and ideas he has.

If you're ever over our way Andrea, I'm sure Duncan would let you have a play! He's looking up Hornby trains more and more these days. I'm hoping he'll be content with what he has for a while yet. The Hornby stuff is very dear. Perhaps after a few more years he'll clean up his own trains and sell some of them off to buy the Hornby trains. He might not ever want to part with them though!

Manuel said...

awh......there is something very cute about those photos.....

Sharon McDaid said...

Manuel, did you have a train set when you were a lad?

I think the photos are cute. Others might see them as evidence of a disordered mind or something. But stuff that.