25 Jun 2008

Another birthday

It's my birthday today. I'm another year older. I wonder when I'll start feeling a year wiser?

I've not felt like writing recently, though much has happened.

Lady and Thomas both earned new belts in Ju Jitsu, a great achievement. My brother's wife had a baby girl, they're all doing fantastically well and baby E. is (of course) utterly beautiful and privileged to be joining such a great family.

Then there has been the arrival of Pippi, our Miniature Schnauzer puppy. She's named after the world's strongest girl, a most excellent role model, Lady and I believe. The (not very good) photo was taken on her arrival in our house. She is possibly the cutest puppy on earth. We're making good progress with house training and she happily uses her crate both as bed and training aid.

Duncan has a new special interest, the red Renault Clio car parked in the drive 4 houses up from ours. He wants me to buy it, or steal it, or just acquire it by any means necessary(!) and get rid of our blue Vauxhall. He keeps going up to stand just outside their drive looking at it. He's drawn it, and even downloaded a photo of a red Clio and changed its number plate on Paint to that of our neighbour's car.

I'll keep this short in the hope that writing something, anything will get me out of this fug. I think I'm stomping around the dungeons of my mind too much...must cheer the heck up!


Anonymous said...

Happy 3? Birthday Sis! Hope you are feeling better.We'll have a drink to celebrate tonight.
Looking forward to getting up to see you all(and Pippi)very soon.

Sharon McDaid said...

Ah thanks Trev! The wee wans are all settled down now, but not before Lady made me a nice cup of tea with a piece of M&S lemon drizzle cake. Everthing's better after tea and cake!

Anonymous said...

How could one not be cheered by that cute pup? Many happy returns, Sharon. And I like red best, too, on a car.

Club 166 said...

Happy Birthday! Many Happy Returns.

Glad to hear that the tea and cake did the trick. Come to think of it, that sounds pretty good.


Ed said...

Happy Birthday Sharon. I hope you'll cheer up soon.

Pippi really is the cutest puppy on earth.

jypsy said...

Happy Birthday!!

My first car was a Vauxhall..... that's enough to explain your funk right there!!

I'm afraid I'm with Duncan on this one, hope he finds a way to acquire red Renault Clio or one like it...

My funk (that started when my car was rear ended and peaked when I accidentally deleted the best pictures from Ben's High School graduation later that night - good news: you can actually recover deleted photos from memory cards) is lifting, hope yours will too, and soon....

Anonymous said...

hey cuz! happy belated birthday. Love the puppy, bet the kids are all so excited about it, and I heard it has a fondness for Gordon! He must love that..... I know how you love tea and cake so that had to have helped you. Much love
Miche xx

Casdok said...

A belated happy birthday!
Congratulations to Lady and Thomas, and to your brothers wife!
Pippi looks very cute and a fab name!

Sharon McDaid said...

Thanks to all of you for the kind birthday wishes.