12 Oct 2006

You will...I won't

Lady and Thomas have been badgering me to get them a new baby brother or sister, in a similar way to how they'd ask for a new bicycle. Lady took Thomas to her room yesterday for some 'baby training'. They had the dolls out and were pretending to feed and change them, that way, they'd be able to help me when (their word) their new sibling arrives. Well, it's nice of them to make major life changing decisions for me isn't it!

Lady was also teaching Thomas about the solar system yesterday. We read part of a new book I found in the charity shop (great places those). It's called the Great Big Book of Knowledge and is full of facts. She loves it. She also did some French on the computer, and some writing. She did her maths and science -reproduction just happened to be the next topic on the CGP workbook we use, so that was very interesting!

Duncan played with trains, browsed BBC schools online, being very taken with this song especially, and he watched a few more Thomas films on YouTube. He enjoyed the film of Thomas set to Firestarter by The Prodigy, so that's music appreciation covered!

Duncan and I have a new game. He was quoting some Thomas the Tank lines one day, saying 'You will, I won't' which comes from a conversation between Edward and Thomas, or so he tells me! I joined in saying in a deep voice, 'You will', he laughed at me and answered, 'I won't!'
We repeated this a few times then I said, 'You can', he paused for a few seconds, then giggled and said, 'I can't'.
After a few more turns, I said, 'You do'....'I don't.'
'You are'...'I'm not.'

Last night Thomas woke up while we were all in bed and shouted out in fear from his bed. I hurried to comfort him, calling out as I went to reassure him. He told me that he was frightened of the spider on his bed. Earlier, there had been a big spider in Lady's room and I'd put it outside. I told him that it was definitely outside now so he wasn't to worry. He said 'OK, then I'll just go back to sleep' then lay right back down. It made me laugh how he went from terrified to fine so easily. Later though he called out again. This time he thought there was a lizard on his pillow! I said there were no lizards in our house and climbed up to hug him. I dusted some crumbs off the sheet and he said 'Oh, the crumbs must have been in the shape of a lizard then!' That's rationalisation Thomas style!

Just to note, while I was writing, Thomas came downstairs with his toothbrush and some 'adult' toothpaste. He wanted to use it to brush his teeth but wanted to know if it would make his nose go on fire (obviously Lady had warned him it had this side-effect!). I told him it was safe so he went off to brush. Duncan was at the time sitting beside me, but playing on the computer and apparently not listening at all. He turned to me, fixed me with that special look, thought hard and said, 'Thomas no fire on teeth, no fire on nose!'

So that's 2 autism myths busted right there! He's paying attention to his environment even when it appears he's not, and he empathises. You go my boy!


Ed said...

O.K. so I just found your blog. What I like best is what you said here about empathy.I think what you said is the most misunderstood thing about autism there is.If people claim to be working to better understand people with autism who express themselves differently because they are wired differently, how can they jump to a conclusion like people with autism dont empathise.
Actually, how dare they. Its one of those things that if people dont really talk about and get rid of that myth, where could it lead?
If people with autism dont care about other people, we REALLY need to fix or prevent the birth of autistics(is what would be implyed). They may not say it that way but if they think it, it WILL influence how they see people with autism and that WILL make a difference in our future.
You are in Ireland? My wifes mother is irish. My wife has been there several times.
I think I could contribute to the discussion that you and some other parents are having but Im not sure how to do that. Maybe you and some others could help?
My mother is a simi retired speciael ed. teacher(thats no joke). I could see some hating autism person calling me "special Ed". Like I really need that.:/
My sister is home schooling a child.Im letting them both know about your blog.
I have little more than an elementary school education.My mother taught me to read and write.
She has a pretty interesting story.
My reading skills are really causing me difficulties in commenting on others blogs. I want to explain some things before I make some REALLY big mistakes.
What Im asking is this.(sorry if this isnt the way to do it).People reading my old post would make things worse.Id like to just explain myself to some people like you and some others who have interest in autism. Id like to do that in the comment section on my blog page or someone elses.Writing a post about it doesnt seem to make sense. I mean Im not sure how to do that.Maybe people could ask me questions? Maybe I could kind of introduce myself to them. Its become a really big obstacle for me. Sometimes I just want to yell,"I CANT READ!" but I know there is a better approach.
I know this is a strange request and Ill understand if you dont reply.Since you were kind to me I thought Id ask.I also think I could help others.
My mother and my wife advise about my blogging but they dont know how to help me past this hurdle.
Sorry if Ive said too much.
Ill continue reading your blog either way because it is teaching me.
Thanks, Ed

Sharon McDaid said...

Hello Ed
Thanks for your comment.
I can understand why you are so angry about the empathy myth. It is such a mistake to think that all people must express their feelings the same way.

Yes, I'm Irish. I live in the north east of Ireland.

Thanks for offering to share my blog with your sister.

You mention your that you have little more than an elementary education. It's clear that you are intelligent and have an enquiring mind. Education is something that keeps going through life. I personally have learnt far more of value away from formal schooling.

I'd be happy to have your comments on my blog and others would be too. Never worry about making mistakes. Your own ideas and questions and comments can never be wrong. I think these blogs are a wonderful way to learn from each other and build links. By writing about what matters to you on your own blog and by commenting on others, you'll be able to let people benefit from that interaction.
I'm happy to read that you will keep reading my blog and that it's teaching you. For me, this is mainly a way of recording my children growing and my own feelings as a mother and woman. That's why I call it the Voyage, it's about my voyage through life and how I deal with all the ups and downs. I sometimes think it must be dull to other people, well apart from my sister who lives away in London and likes to read about her nephews and niece!

Anonymous said...

Yeah. I check it every day. Get up to date girl! It's been almost a week without an update about the kids (well exept all time time on the phone)xx

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Duncan!

I worked for the ARC before I was married, and saw first hand that so much of what "they" say about autism is just plain wrong.

Your little boy is blessed to have a mother as passionate and engaged as you are.

I love the train names! My just-turned-3 year old is a Thomas nut, too. We survived the Ultimate Thomas Birthday party this weekend.