18 Oct 2006

Green Eggs and Ham

On Monday, I was in the charity shop dropping off a load of stuff and then in TK Maxx buying Lady a winter coat. Somehow I also ended up with a load of new CD Roms for the children.

One was Green Eggs and Ham (a bargain at £2) which I thought the boys might like. Well, Duncan just loves it and spent ages playing it yesterday, following the story, repeating the words. I had to draw the train (obviously). I've also had to cook many fried eggs (no yellow bit) for the boy, so more benefits there.
I never liked Dr Seuss as a child, but I know now it was because I never heard the books read aloud, I was trying to read them to myself quietly, and they just don't work that way.

Oh, I've seen the paper linking TV viewing to autism. It's a joke, it has to be a spoof. I'm hoping the authors will come out someday soon and say, 'see how easy it is to sucker you all with some dodgy theory.' Just stick in the word autism and the media opens up to you. Sorry, strike that, they'll ignore most stuff like studies on autistic cognition and studies flagging up the errors in the earlier 'measles in autistic guts' stuff, but come out with any hare brained idea of what the cause of autism is, and they're falling over themselves to give you column inches.

Gordon has gone to Chicago for the week. Yikes! Thankfully, we are having guests this week. Our much anticipated visit from some really good friends from London. Lady in particular is very excited; her best friend in the whole wide world is coming!

I must go help her now. She's a bit fed up with the boys and I just heard her say 'I think sisters are better than brothers.' Thomas answered 'I thinks sisters are pretty', which was very nice of him.


The Jedi Family of Blogs said...

I agree wholeheartedly about Dr. Seuss. I had the same experience as you with his books & feel so fortunate to have rediscovered them with B. I love the rhythms & funky words. Yeah, I read the tv study paper & just put something up about it in my own blog- hope it's not adding to the media attention, but some things just have to be addressed! :) Have a lovely visit with your friends!

Ed said...

In 1960 Bennett Cerf bet Theodore Suess Geisel (Dr.Suess) that he couldnt write an entire book using only 50 words. The result was "Green eggs and Ham". The bet was for $50. Cerf never paid the $50.
What if Dr.Suess had gotten discouraged over not being paid and not gotten that book published and not gone on to write other good books.You and your family wouldnt be benefiting from his efforts today.
Sharon, I hope you wont ever think what you write is boring. Its not at all.Lots of us need to hear what you say.Your family benifits and the rest of us do too!
Thanks, Ed

Sharon McDaid said...

Hi Lisa
They are funky books! The CD Rom is just the thing for Duncan. He can play the bits he likes over and over, he has control over the process which is how he learns best.
He likes it when someone else sits with him too, so it can be a shared experience.
Ed, I've just been visiting your blog! I didn't know that about Dr Seuss, wow. We're glad he did keep writing, like I hope you keep writing too ;-) (That's a winking face on its side.)
Thanks for saying this blog is not boring. I like writing it and I know I'll look back on this record when my children grow up and enjoy re-reading it.

kristina said...

Charlie's not one for books but he has always liked the Cat in the hat---something about the rhythms of the words and the rhymes, and mischief followed by order that ensues.