8 Oct 2006

What really matters

I have been feeling really pissed off this evening. I got involved in a local forum, where I felt duty bound to challenge a autism = horrible disease to be cured view, also charlatans like DAN practitioners were being heavily promoted. (Some USA residents have joined up now to tell all these Irish mums that their children are mercury poisoned, never mind that we never had mercury in any vaccines here...)I haven't done this personally much before and I found the experience of trying to converse with people denigrating the opinions of autistic people and twisting my words to make me appear to prescribe doing nothing to help children in need, wearying and depressing. I should be stronger and stand up to it, but I've had enough. I just want the warm embrace that comes from conversing with people who are on the same level as you, who can talk about people in a respectful and appreciative way, who can share my delight in all my children for their unique talents and personalities. I'm grateful for all the blogging Mums and Dads who also have one or more children who aren't standard issue, and who always talk of them with love and respect. I'm grateful for the Posautive YouTube group. It did my heart good to watch a few of those films tonight.

Also, I'm thinking about my children and how wonderful they are, and my husband who is like no-one else I know; cleverer, kinder, a bit eccentric, insightful, talented. He's gone away to a conference for a few nights so I'm a bit lonely too.

Bah, feck it. I know what matters, and it's not those folk.


Anonymous said...

Just lettiong you know I Hear ya nad you are not alone. My child has SID's and I get so tired of others telling me its just a discipline problem. Just stay away from those boards. So may people are truly ignorant of what life is like with kids like ours. Forget about em.

kristina said...

Good for standing up for the "posAUTive" perspective----my feeling at this point is, I can't argue people into agreeing with me, but I can present my view simply and then figure I've said my piece. Some battles are not worth the toll.

Mom26children said...

It is so good to know there are parent's like us everywhere. Accepting our autistic children was never even an option...it was a given.
I became so sad from reading some of the interventions done to children on the spectrum, I had to remove myself from many groups.
Now my head is clear and my heart is happy...that shows in our children.

Sharon McDaid said...

Thanks for you comments.
I know, you're all right. I feel better for having said my piece, but I don't expect to change deeply held convictions, but hope to sway those who aren't quite sure yet what to think!
A clear head and happy heart are important when taking care of my family and myself.

Anonymous said...

Good for you (the feck it bit;) Sometimes that phrase just has to sum it up. I dunno why people (like the snotty ones on the forum) get like that. I often feel like noone understands...and for me it is cos I haven't had my Willow diagnosed so I kinda don't fit in anywhere....but I do understand what it is like...and (I am going off on one here) ...well, in my experience people either get it or they don't. Sending you love and best wishes :)