6 Jun 2006

Sunny days

It's been sunny here every day since Friday, which is very appreciated in this corner of the globe. I cleared out all our clothes, putting a few bags of winter clothes into storage and filling more bags with stuff for the charity shop. Our wardrobes are much barer and brighter.

We spent much time in the garden today and there was a lot of trampoline bouncing and bike riding. Duncan and I sat on a rug playing with a toy Fizz for a while. Duncan had her eating grass, which we laughed at. Then he decided to engage me in a game of 'chase-kiss'. The rules are simple, I run after him, then I kiss him! He just loves to be chased, especially if I climb into their playhouse and follow him down the slide (which was just not designed for grown lady hip widths!). He has much more energy than me though and I was glad when we just lay on the rug together for a while and cuddled.

Thomas continues to love Cbeebies on TV, especially a bizarre show called Lazy Town and Underground Ernie, an animation about London Underground trains. Guess who else likes that one? Do you think there will be a whole host of merchandising to hide from our little collector?


Anonymous said...

Be wary of the merchandizing! Charlie enjoys the same sort of run-catch-kiss game----he thinks it pretty funny to be "chased."

Anonymous said...

My youngest two love Lazy Town too. Not heard of Undergroudnd Ernie yet.