2 Jun 2006

A brand new interest

Thomas got a box of basic Lego bricks for his birthday and Duncan was upstairs playing with them yesterday. He arrived downstairs with his creation and asked me for 'white buttons, one white button, two white buttons.' I looked more closely at what he'd built and realised it was an accurate representation of Mickey Mouse. We then sat and build some more things together. We created a Zeebad, Zebedee, a Duncan and several trains. He wanted me to make a Legoland train. I couldn't remember how it looked and he wasn't at all happy with my efforts so took over himself and I was amazed to see how closely his creation matched the train he was trying to copy.

Lady and Thomas were in the garden with the binoculars and a chart they had made, observing birds and insects for Spring Watch. We then had to change the water in the tadpoles' tank, which meant getting a bit closer to the wriggly beasties than I would have preferred.

Lady read some stories to them in the evening as I flew around trying to bring some order to the chaos of our house. They really enjoyed 'Room on the broom'. I had to fly the boys around on our outdoor brush a few times after.

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Anonymous said...

'Room on the Broom' is one of our favourites. We've got all the Axel Scheffler/Julia Donaldson books and love reading them aloud :-)