15 Jun 2006

Aren't they great!

I wanted to post a few photos of the children. This one was taken at the farm. I love the look of caution and interest on Duncan's face. Note also the cool welly boots!

This was taken at the farm too, like you wouldn't have guessed!
She was so patient and gentle with the animals.

I bought a magnifying glass and they've all been going round the garden examining mini-beasts. As can be clearly seen here, Thomas is the only one of our 3 who inherited brown eyes from his dad. Don't know why the photo is on it's side though!
He has been coming out with loads of snippets of 'Thomas-wisdom' lately. He asked me if elephants turn into mammoths in winter, wanted to know the ingredients for making brioche this morning, told my sister that she had better start looking for a nice husband soon so she'd have someone to bounce on the trampoline with (what?!), started calling some sweets Gordon bought 'god-stoppers', told me I needed to go back to bed this morning as we hadn't had our morning cuddle (the one which makes him 'so happy') and said it was a 'very serious situation'. Is it any wonder I adore him?!

Here we have Duncan proudly displaying Zeebad and Brian from the Magic Roundabout. Zeebad has been accessorised by the addition of a natty black cape, made from a bin bag. Duncan is wearing a red scarf just like Florence!
They're so cute together!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I loved reading Thomas' comments. What a deep and adorable child! I do love the little snippets that they come out with at that age.

Anonymous said...

I agree they are very cute together!