30 Mar 2011


I was driving with just Duncan in the car with me. He was quiet, taking time to dream, ponder, plan or whatever. I don't know- it's none of my business. Then he said a single word, "autism."

I said nothing, just waited. He said it again. I said, "yes, autism...What is autism?"

His response; "charming and delightful."

I've often mentioned in passing when talking with him, that he is autistic, is a boy with autism. It's another facet of him like his curly hair, blue eyes and love of animated films. I've also told him over and over how wonderful he is, how he's perfect to me, funny, sweet, and yes delightful. I can't remember ever calling him charming but he just worked that out for himself.

I love how he is thinking about these parts of his identity- where he lives, who his family and friends are, where he belongs, and now also- he's figuring out that there's autism in there too. And he's embracing it. I'm proud of him.


Lou said...

what a lovely moment well told... getting our children to understand themselves and accept who they are is so important.

sounds like you are doing a good job there...

Sharon McDaid said...

Thanks Lou- he's easy to love that boy. Acceptance of who they are- whatever that might turn out to be (non-criminal anyway!) is key for me.

Danni said...

Go Duncan!

I'm glad he knows it's nothing bad :)