6 Aug 2009

Loads of books, and a punch to the head

Duncan and I took his brother and sister to summer scheme. He asked to look in the charity shop and being in no hurry, I parked the car and off we went. Well talk about hitting pay dirt. Someone must have cleared their book shelves and dropped the boxes off very recently. There were a good few children's book spilling out so I asked if I could dig through the lot and the man working there, a good guy as I've learned from previous visits, said to work away. So we plonked ourselves on the floor and shifted through the boxes. Duncan made a little pile of those he was interested in and I made a huge pile of my own. Then ecstasy, we found 3 Thomas the Tank Buzz books, Duncan's absolute favourites. I hauled the booty to the pay desk and told the man I'd probably need to nip over to the ATM as I didn't think the £10 note in my purse would cover it. He asked me for a fiver. No way, I said, take a tenner for all those. Nah, said he, give me £5 and tell all your friends to come over and look through our stuff. So off you go to to your local Action Cancer shop. They are the best.

Here's what I bought:
  1. 2 Mister Men books
  2. 3 Thomas the Tank Buzz books
  3. 2 children's videos
  4. Winnie the Pooh Ladybird book
  5. Alexandre Dumas- The Three Musketeers
  6. The Usborne Internet Linked Science Encyclopedia (beautiful colour hardback)
  7. James Joyce - 3 novel hardback
  8. Robert Graves- Greek Myths
  9. Anthony Burgess- A Clockwork Orange
  10. Teach Yourself Irish
  11. Marcel Proust -Remembrance of Things Past
  12. Anita Shreve- The Pilot's Wife
  13. Ian Rankin - A Question of Blood (I love me some Rebus.)
  14. Minette Walters- Fox Evil
  15. Kazuo Ishiguro- The Unconsoled
  16. The Oxford Library of English Poetry Vols II and III
  17. Francosi Mauriac - The Knot of Vampires
  18. Leo Tolstoy- Anna Karenina
  19. Sylvia Plath- The Bell Jar
How fantastic is that? I don't think I've read any of these before.

Duncan was so grateful, telling the man "thank you very much" and on we went to the pet shop to buy a new run for the guinea pigs. We passed the indoor play centre and he asked to go in. Again, feeling very spontaneous, I consented. We were the first people there. For a while after it was just Duncan and a younger boy, then a large group of 6-10 year old boys arrived. I had to redirect Duncan from the area reserved for 1-3 year olds, as he liked the slide there best of all. He was a bit frightened of going up to the first level of the frame for children his age. But when the gang of children arrived he felt a bit braver and followed them up the ladder and had fun in that area. I stuck by him all the time, moving about to keep him in sight. When his play time was almost over, I witnessed him and another boy bump each other going up some steps. They each tried to pushed past the other a bit then I watched as the other boy raised his fist and punched Duncan hard on the forehead. I called out to him to quit, and asked Duncan to come to me. He was very upset. He fell into my arms, tears streaming. He shook and shouted and bit at my shoulders saying over and over he was sad, angry and a bad and horrible boy. I just held him and sympathised and agreed that he was angry and felt bad. We moved to the chairs and he had a drink of water and sat on my lap for a while crying. One of the staff checked he was OK, she'd seen the whole thing. One of the woman accompanying the group of boys, one of which was little master hit a lot, came over to say sorry too. A while later she brought the boy with her and he said sorry. Duncan just said sorry too. As we left the other staff member asked after Duncan. They had been very kind, oh yeah, they'd given me a free cup of tea earlier when I hadn't enough change to buy Duncan's bottle of water and my tea. In the end, Duncan had enjoyed himself prior to the incident and I think he will want to go back again some time.

And the guinea pigs love their new run, they're popping (and pooping) all around while Pippi looks on greedily/curiously.


Jax said...

If anyone did that to Small they'd be lucky to get away without some serious damage - I dread soft play for that kind of reason!

Venus said...

Poor Duncan. I hope he feels better. What a bargain all those books were for £5. ! We just finished a 2 week book fair in Newcastle. You would have been in your element there!

Lisamaree said...

Well that is awful but at least the kid's parent took reponsiblity and apologised. That would have helped I hope. Glad you got a good haul of books. xx

jazzygal said...

Ahhh....I think Duncan did great! Unplanned trips... braved the bigger slide by following (integration??) other kids. OK...wasn't too successful cos the boy hit him. But that happens...and the mum and other boy said sorry...and so did Duncan...and ACCEPTED the other boy's apology!! That's a great story. Well done Duncan!

I remember when my guy was 6 and the shoe was on the other foot...my guy scratched the face of another 6 year old English boy in Portaventura. God it was awful. The mum started to give out to me and I just said one word "Autism" apologetically (as opposed to using it as an excuse)When things calmed down I went over to explain AND apologise...she was lovely and explained it to her boy. There are some nice people out there..aren't there?

Oh, I LOVE REbus too... think I've read them all at this stage! xx Jazzy

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Poor Duncan. Rejoice, however, in the small things: he felt the hit, perceived it as negative, and expressed emotion about it. Way cool! My son, Doah, had reduced sensation and never noticed when he was hit or even bit. We had to teach him to pretend to cry if something like that happened. One day his sister found him on the swing and came to get me because he had blood streaming down his face. He had tumbled, brushed himself off, and started swinging: the doctor fixed him up with 15 stitches in his scalp. We had to teach him to come to us or pretend to cry when he saw blood, too. (He is now 30 and still does not react to pain, but he has inculcated the habits of appropriate response.)

steph said...

I'm so glad your fun day out wasn't spoilt by that kid.

Full marks to Duncan for not hitting back and to you, Sharon, for the way you handled the situation.

Happy reading!

Anonymous said...

Some of your books will make wonderful reading - Anna Karenina being the main one. And 'Learn to speak Irish'? You make me laugh! Is that to shut me up? I love coming to read about you all, it's a shame we don't see each other more often. Miss you loads.
Miche xx

Anonymous said...

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Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

A great haul of books for a fiver.

Clockwork Orange - definitely not one for the kids yet! Remember reading The Bell Jar at school and writing a review of it.