30 Aug 2009

Thomas chooses life

I'm tucking Thomas in to bed and he says, "if it was a choice between you dying and me dying, I'd want to die because I love you more than I love myself."
(Really, I think it's his fear of living without me.)
I say that I hope neither of us has to die any time soon, but I'm a lot older and have had more time so given the choice, I'd want him to have a chance to grow up.

He says, "for Melanie and Ricky, I think it'd be hard."
I ask who they are. He says they're some of the children he's going to have. "When they're both about 11, it's be hard for me to, you know, choose one. It'd be hard for you too wouldn't it, if you had to choose between me and Lady and Duncan?"

I assure him that it would be impossibly difficult as I love them all.
Then we share the final hug of the night.

For more of the boy's insights, including why the USA is so special, see his newly launched blog which he's called, Mega World, "because the world is very big after all."


kristina said...

Heartmelt reading this. Thanks for sharing Thomas' words, and now to check out Mega World.

Jean said...

wow, what an insightful boy...bet he got mega hugs from you that night xxx

Grannymar said...

Bedtime chats are wonderful.

Now with all the bloggers in the family, will you get near a computer?

Maddy said...

Broad shoulders.