18 Dec 2008

Thomas the man

Thomas told me his plans for adult life last night. He's decided that he'll be an actor and a doctor. He'll do each job part time, and no doubt expects to excel at both. He intends to have 5 children to be called, Ethan, Thomas, Ricky, Melanie and Marie, born in that order and each a year apart. The first child will be born when he's 20, which as we all know is absolutley ancient. He will marry a kind and funny woman who works as a gymnastics coach. Perhaps he's been inspired by some of the lovely and pretty young woman who teach his gymnastics class. They'll probably marry after Ethan is born so he can go to their wedding, and they'll all live in a 8 bedroom house (1 room each plus 1 for guests) in a warm part of the US. The children will all be home educated so they can have more fun. Lady was questioning him about his parenting style, asking if he'd be very strict or easy going, he replied, "I'm not going to be strict, why would I do that? I'll let them take a piece of fruit whenever they want and have a bowl of cereal whenever they want. But they'll always wear their seatbelts in the car." Lady also asked if he'd smoke when he's older, "No way!"

Nice to know he's got a plan.


Grannymar said...

Now that is where I went wrong! I had no plan.

Great post missus, my Elly wanted to be a librarian at that age – she thought they sat reading books all day!

Sharon said...

I can't remember thinking much about adult life when I was so young. I did want to be a nun/teacher for a while (ha, I'm so far from that one now!) but I drifted about in a day dream most of the time.

Sitting around reading books all day would be a nice job.

bullet said...

"Ethan, Thomas, Ricky, Melanie and Marie, born in that order and each a year apart"
Yes, erm, I think his wife/girlfriend might have different ideas :D.

Sharon said...

@Bullet, ha ha! Sure he's going to marry some amusing, home-schooling gymnast. I'm sure she'll just love popping a baby out per year!

Annb said...

I'm new to your blog, it's a joy to read. What great kids! Reading today's post has made me exhale, as for a long time I was too afraid to imagine a future for my little lad, I was just grateful for a present. But hey! now I've gotten all cocky and can't wait to hear his plans.
Happy Christmas to you and the home schooling fertile gymnasts of this world!

Anonymous said...

Typical of Thomas really, the details are perfect. (I pity the poor wife though!!) He really has a knack for being perfect....Miche xx

Anonymous said...

I always smile when I hear what any of the kids say but Thomas is always hilarious. Can't wait til Sunday- See you all then, Cathy x

Sharon said...

@Annb, thanks very much and welcome. It's always so nice when someone new leaves a comment.
I'm sure your son will wow you with his ideas, if not now, some day.

Happy Christmas to you too.

@Miche, I pity the woman too. Lock up your daughters 11 years hence (as he said he'd start dating when he's 17) especially if they are flexible, funny and potentially fertile!

@Cathy, you know what he's like. See you soon sis.

Phil O'Kane said...

That's just awesome.
What a seriously well thought out plan for someone so young!

Sharon said...

@Phil, he's a funny kid. He's been having all these deep conversations since he could talk.

You got any comparable plans yourself?

Nick McGivney said...

I still plan on that 'woman who works as a gymnastics coach' part myself. Preciate that if you didn't mention it to the wife.

Sharon said...

Nick, do I really want to know your private fantasies?
I suppose it depends on what they are!