16 Apr 2009

Train Puzzles

Duncan just asked me to help him update his blog. He's put up some pictures of Thomas & Friends trains...in pieces. One of them is like a cylinder spread flat and the other 2 are puzzles, with components of each engine, including eyeballs (these are engines with faces) jumbled up and in need of recombination. He's helpfully shown all the colours needed to paint the engines too.

Duncan loves the Magandy site as a source for down-loadable engines for his Trainz Railway Simulator game. There used to be a collection of fantastic Thomas & Friends engines available, but sadly the site owner had to stop making them available. Luckily, it turns out that this kind man was willing to make an exception for a certain young enthusiast. But Duncan lives in hope that there will one day be more Thomas trains on the site again and he copies and colours in other engines making them more like his favourites.


bullet said...

I think my lads might like that site as well :).
I've been meaning to ask, do you have "Days Out with Thomas" near you?

Robert said...

I live on beside the line of this railway...


and they have a Thomas the Tank weekend every year. I bet Duncan would love it!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, look out for those visual-spatial skills :)

Chun Wong said...

I'm glad that the site owner made that exception for Duncan, how nice of him. It's great that there are so many resources out there to help him with his hobby.

Sharon McDaid said...

@Bullet, we don't have the Thomas days here sadly. We just got to ride the ordinary steam trains every so often. I hope to take him to Thomas Land some day which I think you've said is in your region.

@Robert, oh he really would love that. I will really have to get him over for something like it some day.

@anon, indeed, he surprises me often with his abilities.

@Chun Wong, it's great when people are so kind. There are some fantastic online resources he can use and enjoy. We're lucky to be living in the age of internet.