10 Apr 2009

A Good Friday

This has been a good Friday so far.

Right now, Lady is at the cinema with 2 friends. They're watching Race to Witch Mountain. Duncan is at home with me. He's getting changed. Today he dressed up as Donald Duck by putting a pull-up nappy over his pants to create a nice bulky white bum, and wearing a blue T-shirt with 4 cardboard "buttons" stuck on with tape. A couple of days ago, he and I were in town with the girl who lives next door. We'd dropped the others off at gymnastics and were on our way to the charity shop to buy videos. Then, Duncan was dressed in a new long, navy dressing gown, short green "Peter Pan" trousers, wellies and a back-to-front blue cap and carrying a torch. He was, as will no doubt be obvious, Professor Ludwig Von Drake. Our neighbour, rather admiringly described his look as "extremely random." She's a great girl.

Last seen in an Irish town, bowing graciously as he went.

Thomas went to work with Gordon today. He called me to tell me he'd been all around the labs and seen a cell under a microscope and wanted one of his own. A microscope that is. He wanted to figure out how many cells we each have and then about how many cells are in all the people in the world.

Later they went to the cinema together, and from the photo I was emailed this afternoon I can deduce they were in the Victoria Square Shopping Centre. After the film they went for tapas. They're having a great old time.

Thomas with the dazzling Belfast city skyline.

After persuading his dad he needed hot chocolate.

Duncan's new favourite thing is his Vtech camera. He can take photos and videos whenever he wants and incorporate them into his films. He made a film a few days ago, in which he videoed a YouTube film as it played and sang along and gave a bit of helpful commentary. It's posted on his blog here. The other children have had loads of fun with the camera too, taking shots of Pippi and using the special effects to frame their faces with horns or a viking helmet. I would have loved something as cool as this when I was their age.

I'm looking forward now to the weekend as we'll be mixing it up with some of the extended family. No doubt, chocolate will be consumed too.


steph said...

Such adorable children you have, Sharon.

Duncan's creativity is breathtaking! I love the image of him with his bulky bum! LOL

Have an enjoyable Easter fest. Hubby and I are home alone all weekend. Say no more!

Sharon McDaid said...

They are that Steph. It's funny how it happens!

Duncan amazes me with all these ideas.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

The Biologista said...

Thomas asks my kind of biology question! I have a funny habit of trying to count up things in my head whenever I'm doing something I'm not interested in. I once tried to work this one out, but in the end the best could do is estimate it.

The answer I got was 6.5x10^23 cells. That's 650,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 which is a number which makes my head very sore indeed.

Grannymar said...

Sounds like a busy and enjoyable day all round.

Have a great Easter Sharon!

AnnB said...

What a great brood! Hope you all have a lovely Easter together.

bullet said...

Hope you're having a great Easter.

Lisamaree said...

Boo dressed up as Duck Dodgers in the 25th Century for Halloween. So we are with you (via Warners rather than Disney)
will send you a pic.

Elfinamsterdam said...

You know this already, but you make gorgeous kids!

Wow, those eyes... stunning!

Will pop over to the blog now to check out his handy work! :)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely family you have. I have been to Duncan's blog and it's wonderful.

CJ xx

jazzygal said...

Clever Boy Duncan! Great idea.

What is it about Train Tracks..... and water Fountains?? My guy LOVED Thomas (waaay too big for them now....but he sets up the tracks every so often when he's alone!!)and water fountains.
I think they like to "follow the trail". Always facsinated me!

Sharon McDaid said...

@Biologista, Thomas counts stuff all the time. I've shown him your answer. He was sad it wasn't higher!

@Grannymar, I'm a bit late, but Happy Easter to you too.

@AnnB thanks and the same to you.

@bullet, you too and those great children of yours.

@Hammie, Duncan hasn't watched that one. Look forward to the picture.

@Elf, his eyes are amazing. I'm afraid he's going to use them to get his own way when he's older. and thanks, we often look at them and wonder how they're so lovely!

@Crystal Jigsaw, thank you so much! And thanks for reading his blog too.

@Jazzygal, I imagine Duncan will pull out his trains now and then for years to come. He'll probably be into model railways too. They do seem to have a fascination for a lot of people.