12 May 2008

Sunday Morning

Warning; contains spoilers on Doctor Who episode 6!

I do love Sunday mornings. It's the day when Gordon usually brings me breakfast in bed. I was trying to read the newspaper on-line (begone, days of piles of paper and newsprint rubbing off on the covers) but Duncan was snuggled beside me and kept taking over my laptop to look at films of roller coasters.

I was chatting to him as he tried to poke my ears (that's a recently developed habit of his; he'll tell you he's trying to get the wax, yuck). I asked him about the episode of Doctor Who we'd all watched the previous night. That was a lovely time; all 5 of us on the sofa, both boys cuddling in to me. He said, "The soldiers were shooting."
And then what happened.
"Then the girl died. Doctor Who loves the girl. Doctor Who was sad...and happy."
And then what...
"The girl went to Doctor Who."

The show had been sad and happy, and that was a pretty good summary of the episode.

So what better thing could a family proceed to on a Sunday morning than a trip to the rescue centre once more, where we picked out a puppy. Hopefully, subject to a home-check, we'll be adopting a Cocker Spaniel cross pup. We just thought we didn't have anything like enough going on in our lives already!

For the rest of the day, the children played outside. Duncan's great joy right now is to ride a bike or scooter up and down along the path in front of our house. I need to be out to supervise him so I took a little film of his fun.

Lady and Thomas spent the afternoon with their new friends from our street, in either their house or ours. Thomas in particular is delighted to have another boy to play Wii and Doctor Who games with.

These are good days. Perhaps it's the good weather, perhaps the glow of a good holiday is still lingering, but for whatever reason we are happy together and Duncan is being just marvellous.


Ed said...

Awww. A puppy. Good to hear that your future will now include the excitement of a developing K9.

Does the puppy have a name?

Sharon McDaid said...

Bah. The animal rescue people did a home check and decided in their wisdom that I "had too much on my plate" to adopt a dog or pup. They didn't think I could manage it and home educate, but they're wrong. I reckon the dash of autism here scared them off too. It's so silly and I'm not happy about it. Thankfully another animal rescue organisation has approved us so I'm hoping to find a doggy pal via them.

Bree said...

Wow, youve been busy globe trotting too I see! excellent. Are you still planning a trip to the US? We have 5 weeks left and a bun in the oven.

Sharon McDaid said...

Fantastic Bree! Are you going to copy the Beckhams and name him/her after the place of production? ;-)

I don't know about the trip. We want to plan something and Gordon wants to take some time to just live a bit. We're still thinking.

Bree said...

Yeah, I think New Mexico is a really catchy name. LOL