31 May 2008

My Disney Life

Gordon left on Thursday to attend a massive conference in Chicago, and won't be back until Wednesday. Before he went, we all went out on a bike ride. He and I cleaned up our bikes and pumped the tyres, dusted the cobwebs off our cycle helmets, and joined the 3 children on their shiny new bikes. Lady's pal from next door came with us.

We headed off through the forest park and along the shore front. It was magical, beautiful and I got such a thrill that we were able to do such a thing together. OK, so I was more tense and there was a bit more calling out instructions that there might be for ordinary families (whatever they are!). "Pull the brakes a bit, slow down, keep pedaling, stay near me..." etc. We had an unscheduled stop as our middle child hopped off to run along the beach for a bit, then we were off again.

We dropped Gordon to the airport then when the children were getting ready for bed, Lady came to tell me that there was a mouse or something in the upstairs cupboard, a really loud one! I went to investigate and discovered a bird had somehow made its way inside. I closed all but one of the bedroom doors, opened the front and back doors and let it out. It flew into the bedroom and after about 20mins fluttering around in a distressed manner, it eventually flew out the wide open window. (The bits of fruit and crumbs I'd placed on the window sill made no difference!)

What is going on here?! The last time Gordon was away for a conference, there was a mouse in my wardrobe. I feel like Snow White (albeit older and uglier) with all the ickle creatures around me. Unfortunately, these ones were useless at housework.

Yesterday Duncan built a rocket in the under-stairs cupboard. (He was the only cute creature in that one.) He stuck their Doctor Who posters on the walls, and brought down a selection of toys, and their space-themed duvet. He arranged a key board and Gordon's synthesiser on the shelf to be the control panel, told us he was the pilot, and invited us all inside the rocket. He'd also made a clay model of a scary spider monster with 5 eyes. I didn't recognise it but Lady knew at once, it was a Racnoss, the big spider-alien from Doctor Who.

Later I cooked a M&S pie for our dinner. Duncan got to it before me after the timer went, and unfortunately he dropped it on the floor, much of the pie splattering out of the tin. I was not best pleased and he was very apologetic. Later, I discovered that he had made a real mess in his bedroom, and had written on the wall inside the cupboard and I told him off. He was upset and ran to Lady to be comforted. A few minutes later Lady brought me a card he had made. It said, "Momy soory Duncan Noddy" and was decorated with 5 hearts and a picture of me. I went to find him and he said, "Mummy not be angry with Duncan." Oh boy, did I feel bad. We cuddled and made up and I let him know how much I love him. As he now says, "Mummy loves Duncan the best."


kristina said...

With the perfect ending!

Anonymous said...

Remind me...doesn't one of your children have a diagnosis? Hard to tell who.

Sharon McDaid said...

Every day ends well. Then you get to do it all again and perhaps try a bit harder to be more patient, peaceful and kind.

Theextras, Duncan breaks a few stereotypes every day!

Anonymous said...

Oh bless him :D. Hard not to be angry with him after that card, I'll bet :).
Tom has a Dr Who bag for school and the lads have a Dr Who lightshade. I also let Tom watch bits of the old series (you know, Hartnell through to McCoy, but just Hartnell through to Davison really), but not the new series yet. The stories go completely over Tom's head (he prefers the subtle intricacies of Mr Tumble, Teletubbies and In the Night Garden). However, he now knows that Daleks say "exterminate" and that "Dr Who travel in Tardis."

Club 166 said...

"...Yesterday Duncan built a rocket in the under-stairs cupboard."

For a minute, I had a picture of Duncan cooking up some fertilizer and ammonia as rocket fuel...


Sharon McDaid said...

Bullet, too true! I just felt like I'd been such a horrid mummy!

I think Tom has figured out the most important facts about Dr Who! Duncan has only watched a few episodes, while sitting with my arms pulled around him. I must show them some of the old episodes. I think it'd be fun.

Duncan still laughs uproariously when he watches Mr Tumble.

Joe, people messed with those ingredients in (most likely) sheds all to often in the recent history of these parts, unfortunately the "rockets" were produced with the most evil intent.

I much prefer Duncan's simple and harmless method!

Anonymous said...

Good Job! :)