1 Apr 2008


I watched the new BBC NI programme Blueprint last night. I rarely make an effort to watch TV as it happens now, preferring instead to watch the few shows I like online via the BBCi player or something. But this I wanted to see properly, and it was well worth it.

The show described how the land we live on has changed over millions of years, how it's position on the globe has changed, how 2 sections of the island were formed from land masses that were once thousands of miles apart. I was fascinated to learn about the Caledonian mountain range stretching across North America, Ireland, Scotland and Scandinavia, and which in these parts, now comprises the rolling hills of the Sperrins near where I lived. I never knew this land was once a baking desert, or covered by a tropical ocean. See what a good school education can leave out.

It was great to see such a well made, local science programme. The special effects looked good. I liked the sand world map on a Sligo beach to demonstrate plate tectonics. William Crawley is an engaging presenter, though I did wonder why he was wearing pale coloured trousers as he kept having to tramp through mud.

But guess what, there have been complaints to the BBC about the programme. I was reading the presenter's blog and came across a comment I assumed was a parody; "I, along with many others are disgusted that the BBC is using license payers money to spew out this filth over the airwaves. It is evolutionary nonsense, which is in complete opposition to the Biblical account of Creation."

Eh?! That can't be for real...can it?
Unfortunately I soon saw a link to a group criticising the programme (I've broken the link) and its makers for not covering their notion that somehow, the bible should be accepted as a literal interpretation of the earth's formation;

In it [Blueprint] they will teach the theoretical 600 million year history of the island of Ireland. No reference will be made to a Creator or Intelligent Designer and no reference will be made to important biblical events such as God's 6-day creation or the worldwide flood of Noah's days as recorded in the book of Genesis.
I am very angry that the BBC, yet again, is siding with evolution in the debate about the origins of the world. These programmes are about to launch a massive attack on the Christian values of our country and I hope Christians can be persuaded to make their voices heard with the BBC. I think this is the most dangerous TV series in NI for years. If possible, I would like to see Christians gather in prayer outside Broadcasting House in protest at this insidious attack on our society's foundational values.
They even suggest a form of letter to use in complaining to the BBC about this "massive/insidious attack";

Dear Mr Crawley,
In relation to the upcoming series of BLUEPRINT programmes I wish to register my protest to the BBC NI about this offensive abuse of the licence fee money of the many Christians in Northern Ireland who accept God's account of His own Creation as recorded in His Word in the book of Genesis.
I would ask, for the sake of balance, that BBC NI expend a similar amount of finance and give a platform to Scientists, who are Christians and 'Biblical Creationists' to explain the visible scientific evidence that concurs with their beliefs on the origins of the island of Ireland.

Dear oh dear.

But, thankfully, sense and science have prevailed. Many people, theist and not, will enjoy this series and learn from it. I'll be watching again with Lady later. What a bonus for our home-education!


Anonymous said...

I know it's not your position on things, but I actually believe in Biblical Creation in 6 days. I don't think I would have gone as far as to write to the Beeb in such caustic terms, but they do seem to have a lot more programming on evolution/millions of years than on Creation.
Yours in Christ
Kim (Lisburn)

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

Enjoyed Blueprint too ... and also wondered about the pale cargo trousers!

Anonymous said...

There are more programmes on evolution than creation for a particular reason. There is more evidence.

Club 166 said...


I went to the Blueprint site. The Beeb really does some good stuff. I wish they had the whole shows there, but at least they have some clips.


Anonymous said...

Well done, you actually got a reply from someone who believes in fairy tales. Is Kim eight years old? Or is she taking the piss on April 1st?

Sharon McDaid said...

Kim, the idea of literal biblical creation is so totally baffling to me. I really can't understand how anyone can believe it with all that we now understand about the world and its workings. I agree with Anon that there is good reason why there are more programmes on what is known to be, than what a section of people believe despite overwhelming evidence.

Hi Alan, I didn't know they're called cargo trousers. See, more that I've learnt thanks to WC and his show!

Anon, I agree.

Joe, some of it is good, and most of that is on DVD, and there are many clips on Youtube etc.

Darwin, I think Kim is just one of many people who really believe.

Perhaps programmes like Blueprint worry some people, because it's too challenging to their entirely faith driven approach.

Anonymous said...

I find it easier to believe a book which has proved to be 100% accurate despite many attempts to debunk it, than an evolution "theory" science text book which changes yearly and continues to "teach" disproven science.
I don't take offence to anyone laughing at me (I am slighly older than 8) but before they continue to laugh I would urge them to look at www.answersingenesis.org and read some of the articles there.

Sharon - I love reading your blog, you convey the love and respect which every family should have to one another, disability or not.

Kim (Lisburn)

Sharon McDaid said...

Kim, I'm glad you enjoy reading this blog and I hope you will continue to read and participate.

I would like to know, did you watch Blueprint? Do you have any reason other than your belief in the bible, to reject the evidence-based explanations for the formation of our land?

Creationism is religion and cannot be compared to the scientific method. That the scientific explanations of how life and land were formed have adopted new evidence as it arises, is a strength. The facts follow the observations.

Evolution explains geological, astronomical and biological processes and can be described as cumulative change through time. Biological evolution proceeds by natural selection; my husband has to deal with its effects every day in his work as a cancer biologist.

As you have linked to Answers in Genesis as a source of information on young-earth creationism, I shall link to a site which details many of the flaws and logical fallacies employed by proponents of creationism, as well as a site describing evolution accurately.

I do not expect you to change your view on these matters. But in sticking to a literal interpretation of an ancient, multiple-authored book, you are rejecting the evidence.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your reply. No unfortunately I was unable to watch Blueprint but that's not to say I won't watch it another time. I actually love that type of program as the earth is so beautiful and diverse it's just the mention of millions of years I don't listen to.
Thanks also for the links, I will have a wee juke at them.
As I have already said I love your blog and it doesn't matter to me that your views are different to mine, that's what makes the world go around. I love to read about your family outings, you make me wish I had home schooled also.