15 Apr 2008

Our gallery

Duncan usually makes his pictures on the computer these days, but sometimes he produces a drawing on paper. Last week he created this Noddy puppet, entirely by himself.

He also enjoys little books, that he draws and writes on, and that he sometimes asks me to illustrate too. These books have such a combination of his favorite things. He has one with the title, "Enid Blyton's Noddy's Toyland Adventure, by Dr Suess" and another called "Atari Tarzan" showing a picture of Disneyland's Space Mountain coaster. This one has an interesting story too;

It wose a chilet day in toyland
was a roket

Jafr and Tarzan and Lady Noddll

The range wose Noddy

(And the writing on the page shown)

Now Alice trap
Tarzan posh Clayton
It wose Tarzan poshe Clayton.

Well, it's clear to see poor Alice is indeed trapped, and that's Clayton looking angry at the bottom on the right, where Tarzan must have pushed him. You will also notice the many deadly looking arrows shooting all over the place, as well as the sword. It's all very exciting!

Lady draws too. For a long time she produced mainly pictures of the 5 of us, embellished with hearts and flowers and her name in Chinese characters. This picture of the 3 children in a paddling pool (drawn a few years ago) is typical, and the duck-billed platypus is a more recent creation. She has been drawing lots of animals lately.

One of her - stranger - pictures is this one, created 3 years ago, and apparently showing the birth of Thomas!
That's the newborn Thomas at the bottom of the bed, and some hospital equipment to the right. Gordon, Duncan and Lady are all looking very pleased with the new arrival, while I'm saying ouch, as it hurts a bit when you have a baby.

I've no idea what the purpose of the number line is, and by the way, the children were not around while I gave birth!

Thomas is not very interested in drawing, so it's something I'm trying to encourage him to try to enjoy more. He sometimes copies Lady's work, coming up with pictures like this monkey.

Yesterday I photographed many of their pictures drawn throughout the years. It'll help ensure I can enjoy these images for a long time to come.


Usethebrains Godgiveyou said...

I hope I still have some of my child's pictures. He used to make comics...we were just talking about them today. I LOVED them, they said in a few pictures or words what was on Ben's mind.

He doesn't do them anymore. His "comics" stage was about 3rd grade to 6th grade. I know you enjoy your children's pictures as much as I did. Good idea to photograph them!!!

I'm going to go look for Ben's comics now....

Anonymous said...

Yes. I was mildy disgruntled when I gave birth as well.

Alyric said...

Duncan's rendition of Noddy is spot on! And this made me laugh:

"It wose Tarzan poshe Clayton"

Now reading that phonetically with an Irish accent and the spelling is superb:)

S.L. said...

I LOVE these. Thank you so much for sharing your kiddos' masterpieces with us. AWESOME!!

You've inspired me to add my two artistes' pictures to my blog. I'll let ya know when I do (hopefully soon).

If you are interested, I just picked up some awesome books for my older daughter (7), from Amazon. The series is "Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists" by Mike Venezia, everyone from Picasso to Warhol to O'Keefe. The books are great, easy bio for kids plus lots of artwork.

Sharon McDaid said...

Did you find any RB? I'm sure Ben made some great art when he was into it.

Bullet, I know, that whole birth pain thing. It's quite ow-ey isn't it?
I may have minimised the pain when she was 5 but as she gets that bit closer to the teen years, I will be rather more honest. The true picture wouldn't be quite so pretty!

I get such a kick out of his spellings, almost as much as the pictures.

SL, thanks! I look forward to seeing your own family gallery.

kristi said...

I love these drawings. I have them in a folder and on my office walls!

Sharon McDaid said...

Hi Kristi and thanks for reading. Wow, Duncan's art is on a wall somewhere! How fabulous.