3 Mar 2008

I'd just like to thank...

What follows is my acceptance speech, the director's cut.

I would like to thank;
  • My children, who are the most wonderful 3 juvenile human beings on earth and without whom I might still be a physicist (gulp) instead of spending my days with them and loving it.
  • The Blog Awards organiser, Damien Mulley and all his minions, for their splendid work.
  • The judges; man they must have waded through some rough material.
  • The sponsor of my award, iQ Content (I'm hoping that's the right link), and the sponsors of the other prizes, Hosting365 and Bubble Brothers for the champagne and Moviestar.ie for the DVD player.
  • All my bog buddies, the people who read this and the special, delightful people who comment.
  • The cranks, quacks and the credulous media who report them, for giving me lots of material for ranty posts. I'd happily forgo this aspect of blogging though for more of the scarce positive stories.
  • The wonderful autistic writers from whom I've learned so much. They're on my sidebar.
  • Debby for getting me started with this blogginess.
  • Gordon for putting up with my laptop time.
  • Gordon's mum for babysitting on Saturday night, and Miche for being the best possible company at the bloggies.
  • Alan for making the lovely award pic taking pride of place on my sidebar.

That's it. It's more coherent than the actual speech. The other attendees can be glad I didn't bore the bogies out of them with all this at the time though.

And just for fun, there are some photos here and here.


Alyric said...

Oh Lord, that Bock is a hoot! and hey - how about some names to go with the pics. There's one lady there who's drop dead gorgeous - must be you!

Sharon McDaid said...

Well obviously it's me.

I'm not going to let the truth stand in my way at all.
Until there's some kind on international meeting of autism bloggers, no-one's any the wiser.

Yes Bock's some boy.

And I wore a black dress.

Anonymous said...

Glad you didn't come out with all that on saturday night, however, the comment thanking me should have been included obviously! New job is going well.
Miche xx

Sharon McDaid said...

Everyone in that room can be glad of it too.

Glad you're enjoying the job. Hope the boss is being nice to you ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon. Just dropped by to say congratulations! I can remember you saying you didn't know why you were in specialist, and Fi thought she should be in specialist not personal. You guy's should have swapped. I've had a good read and I'll drop back, well deserved!

Sharon McDaid said...

Thanks for dropping by John.