2 Mar 2008


I won at the Irish Blog Awards! Yes!
This thing you're now reading, is officially the Best Specialist Blog in the Irish blogosphere. Don't ask me what I'm a specialist in...
I'm guessing it's something to do with the autism stuff. But anyway, I'm a winner.

I'm just going to take a minute to gloat.

That's better.

SO last night, the Irish Blog Awards were held in a Dublin hotel. I went down from Belfast on the train with my cousin Miche. Though I really didn't expect to win, I was sure it'd be a good night out and a chance to meet a few cyber buddies.

It was very well organised, and we were pleased to see that proceeds from the entrance charge went to an epilepsy charity. We took our seats feeling a bit out of place at first. It seemed that many other people there already knew one another. I wondered how I'd ever know who was who, not knowing what anyone looks like. The only way to tell was to gawk closely at the name badges perched on chests and since the place was packed with close to 400 people, that wasn't going to be easy.

It was all hosted by a proper radio DJ and blogger, Rick O'Shea, and each category was introduced by George W. Bush in a series of witty video things. Each winner received a really nice cut glass trophy, champagne and a DVD player. Not a bad haul of booty! Eventually I got chatting to a few people sitting near me, 73Man and the Dublin Community bloggers, and got them to promise to cheer for my blog when it was called out, as I was a bit worried that no-one there would know it, leaving only me and Miche clapping. I'm shallow enough to worry about such things. But when my time came, they did me proud, and amazingly and fantastically, this actually won.

I gave a very garbled speech, thanking my children for providing me with lots of material together with the media for writing so much rubbish about autism. I don't think it came out the way I meant it to... I forgot to pose for my photo with the sponsor of my category, iQ Content, and had to go back up. Ah well.

At least then, the few people there who do read my ramblings knew what I look like, and Heidi and Bock were both nice enough to come say hello and be ever so lovely about my win.

I have to say, as a person who has never won anything, never been singled out for particular praise, winning an award for writing this, is such a wonderful, delightful thing. I love blogging, especially so today!

As the night went on, I got chatting to more bloggers and everyone was so lovely and enthusiastic. I got to meet Hangar Queen, and Maman Poulet, and I was able to question Twenty Major about his naughty language and thank the organiser Damien Mulley, for going to so much effort to make us northerners feel at home, (the stage was decked in red, white and blue bunting, and looked like parts of Belfast in July, though the intended effect was a USA presidential rally).

Miche and me sat with the Dublin blogger crowd, a smart move as it turned out, as they were great company. It was especially nice to hang out with Red Mum who, it turns out, is herself a Belfast woman. We even had a bit of a dance since it all ended with a disco.

In the end, I staggered both proudly and a wee bit woozily to bed.

(The full list of Blog Award winners can be seen here.)


Heidirific said...

Congrats again! You have a wonderful blog and I really enjoy reading it. I wish I had actually looked at who was sitting next to you though because now I feel like I accidently snubbed my fellow Dublin Community bloggers!!! I have only me a couple of them (Red Mum being one of them)! Oops!!!

kristina said...

This if fabulous! You've got a great mix here of family stories, responses to current events pertaining to autism and disability---and some really great photos!


Club 166 said...

Congratulations, Sharon!

Well deserved.

You go, girl!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations :D

Ruth Strong said...

Congrats!!! Great to see some Belfast folk being awarded. A very well deserved award for a fantastic blog.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations once again. Thanks for calling me cute and then amending it. Here's the post I was referring to. Next time I might not dance with anyone. It causes arguments!

Anonymous said...

It's disgusting the way these awards go to quality blogs, as opposed to, say, mine.

Well done and well deserved. :D

Anonymous said...

taking one for the team. Yeah! Go NI!!

Anonymous said...

Great to meet you last night and well done on the award. I was too shattered for the dancing - and I missed redwinegums take the floor also!! Putting your blog in my google reader!

Jenny said...

Yay!!!! A well deserved award.

J said...

Congrats are in order, and you deserve all the 'cred' you get.

dinah said...

wonderful! well deserved, very nice to have something to cheer about!!!

Anonymous said...

I knew you could do it! Congratulations on a well deserved award.
Kim (Lisburn)

Eoin O'Mahony said...

Good to meet you Saturday and well done again on the win. You looked so happy to have won and that in itself is lovely.

Bock the Robber said...

You did indeed win. Well done, girl, and keep sticking it to The Man!

Alyric said...

Well done! I noted that this is for iq content:)

Sharon McDaid said...

Thanks Heidi. It was good to meet you.

Kristina, what a lovely summary of all this!

Thanks Joe, Bullet, Camille, Steve, Dinah and Alyric for being so lov-er-ly.

Hello Ruth and Eddie, fellow nordeners! Did you hear the scurrilous rumours that no awards went to NI bloggers! Pah!

Hi again Kim and thanks.

Hi 73man! I do remember your name, but my lips are sealed.

I'm glad you commented here redwinegums, cause I totally forgot your blog name. And what to you mean I called you cute. I'd say no such thing to a man I'd only just met ;-) Did you see my sidebar?

Hello Bock and thanks. I really wanted you to win best blog, and I wanted fellow Belfast based blogger Manuel to win his category too. I didn't see you again after the awards. Were you being mobbed by fans? What do you call blog groupies anyway, groggies?

Anonymous said...

Hello Sharon

I sent you an email about the issuu publication I am putting together on the blog awards. Just wondered did you get the email? I have prepared a second example of the publication which you can see at the link below. If you didn’t get the email can you let me know and I will send it again.




Eoin O'Mahony said...

I wouldnot worry about revealing my real name. On the ned of my page and announced it three times on the blog.

Bock the Robber said...

I was in the upstairs bar, sulking, but surrounded by groggies. Or bloupies. Or something. We were all extremely bloupie by then anyway and everyone made a complete disgrace of themselves, I'm glad to say.

Sharon McDaid said...

I've mailed you back Alan.

73man, it's good to keep the mystery though isn't it!

Green Ink, where you there? If you go saying things about quality, I'll start calling you respectable.

Suzy, pity you missed the dancing. I'm sure you'd have lit up the floor. Congratulations on your double win!

Sharon McDaid said...

I made a disgrace of myself on the dance floor. I can't help it. I keep thinking I'm 16 or something. My cousin told me afterwards that some dude was videoing it all which is a bit scary.

I groggied 20 Major and asked him the same question I once asked on your blog about the worst insult.

Actually, bloupie sounds better and has no homophone unlike groggie/groggy.

Ruth Strong said...

I did hear that rumour and had to laugh at it.


The Goldfish said...

Hooray! Very well deserved. :-)

Ed said...

Congradulations Sharon! You have always been one of my favorite bloggers. It's great that so many people appreciate you.

Anonymous said...

hey cuz
congrats again, I had a great time with y that night. I knew you would win, but you never believed me. How did Gordon and the kids take it when you got home? Nice to see I got another mention in your bog - I'm so proud.
Miche xx

Anonymous said...

I just reread my comment and the spelling is atrocious. So sorry - not what an english literature expert like meself is proud of at all. Something is seriously wrong with my keyboard. Miche

Red Mum said...

I was delighted for you and even more delighted that you are delighted with our cheers :)

It was lovely meeting and sharing the table with you and some of your glee at winning.

Sure I'll be seeing you around :)

Sharon McDaid said...

Thanks Goldfish and Ed. Wow! I'm loving all this! I'm going to have to watch that the head doesn't swell too much.

Yeah yeah Miche, blame the keyboard. It's OK. You were a lovely buddy to have with me and share the moment with.

Red Mum, you are a dude and your mum and daughter are lovely too. Marieka (I'm so sorry I probably haven't remembered or spelled her name properly) was great crack too.
(I don't care that you lot thought it should be spelled craic.)
I'm so glad we ended up by some lucky chance beside you all. Oh and I saw your Flick photos. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you sis!! Delighted you actually got to make the trip to Dublin after all. Sounds like you had an interesting night!
PS. Carrie's party went really well yesterday, she felt like a princess.

Sharon McDaid said...

Thanks Trev. I may be a good blogger but I'm a lousy auntie. I meant to phone C. on Sunday but got caught up with ones and noughts. She is of course, always a princess.
Lots of kisses to them both.

Attila the Mom said...

Woohooooo!!!!!! Congrats!

jypsy said...

Very cool! Way to go... congrats and may their be many more great posts, if not awards, to come.