14 Feb 2008

Groups and classes

Lady takes piano lessons on Mondays, on Wednesdays she and Thomas have a gymnastics lesson one after the other and on Saturdays, they both attend Ju Jitsu. Right now, Duncan isn't going to any organised classes. I dropped the art class as it was too inflexible, very expensive, and clashed with Lady's gymnastics class meaning we had to leave early each week. So we do art at home.

The gymnastics didn't work out for him either. He's just not ready to take instruction in that way. I'd love for him to try Ju Jitsu when he's older. I'll just have to see what he wants and is capable of.

The 'Saturday club' for disabled children he went to twice, has been postponed indefinitely due to lack of funding and staff. It was only held once a month and it's disgusting that it can't be guaranteed; something like that should by rights be on a few times a week.

But even that, which is set up so that the parents leave their children for just over an hour, wasn't entirely suitable for Duncan, since I was told after the 2nd class, that I'd have to stay with him in future. They couldn't understand, or perhaps cope with him.

But that's OK. He does fine with us and a few other adults who have been able to get to know him well, like my sister and my dad. He is looked after by Gordon's mum for an hour many Saturdays while the rest of us go to the gym. He enjoyed staying with one of my cousins for a few hours before Christmas, though he did boss her about a bit, insisting that she lay on the sofa while he played trains on the floor.

And we do get to do various things together. We go for walks in the forest park, and when it's not too windy, on the beach. We swim every week which is a real highlight for us all. We visit the supermarket a few times a week and while this can still be a bit of a struggle, it's so much easier than it was even a year ago. We get together with family and friends often, and visit lots of cool places like W5 and the Transport Museum. Now that the days are brighter and slightly warmer, I can take the boys to the playground while Lady has her lessons, and they play so well together. In afew minutes, we're all going to the nearby animal rescue centre to walk a dog, trying to get some practice in for when (if) we get a dog for ourselves.

I keep in mind that Duncan is still so young, he is learning loads, he is developing at the pace that's right for him, and as he develops, his own natural interests may lead him to seek out more formalised learning settings. I don't think he's missing out, but I keep an eye out for any new opportunities that may benefit him.


Patrick said...

happy Valentine's day Sharon and co!

Sharon McDaid said...

Thank you very much Patrick.

Anonymous said...

I have to say I enjoyed being bossed around by Duncan.
Miche xx

Sharon McDaid said...

Well there are worse things to be forced to do, than laying around on a sofa!