25 Feb 2008

His own vision

On Sunday morning, we went to the animal rescue centre to walk a dog, something we've done a few times now and which Lady in particular, just loves to do. Duncan wasn't in the mood. He was irritable and insisted on being carried, so I had to walk him back to the car while Gordon carried on with the other 2. It probably didn't help that he was dressed in shorts. He had utterly refused to wear long trousers. He's going through a Noddy phase, so besides the shorts he had on an orange top and a Santa hat; the closest approximation to a Noddy hat in the dressing up box.

So he sat in the car listening to High School Musical songs on my MP3 player. He likes Get'cha Head in the Game best. I think he's going to be using this device more and more, as a nice way of blocking out excess information and keeping, (altie term alert) centred.

He didn't want to get out of the car when we got home, so I stayed with him for a while and he let me know how angry he was with all his 'baddest' characters. I reminded him that I'm Kala (the kind gorilla who rescued baby Tarzan in the Disney film, a role he assigned to me) and I sang "You'll be in my heart" to him. He climbed into my lap and calmed right down, ready to go back inside to play Roller Coaster Tycoon 3.

Later Lady and Thomas and I walked to the beach to attend a dog show, Scrufts, especially for mixed breed dogs. It was a cold but clear day, and the green in front of the sea is such a pleasant spot. Hundreds of gorgeous dogs were around, and no dirt! See, dog owners can do right. The compere was pantomime dame type character whom I've never seen before, but apparently is a local celebrity.

We enjoyed the sheep dog display, with ducks. It was good until some ejit's unleashed mutt ran into the ring scattering the ducks and trying to pin one down.

Anyway we were cold and hungry so we bought ice-creams (naturally) and went home.

In the afternoon, I was helping Duncan with his RCT3 game. I noticed that he had laid a load of paths to make the words "Disney home video"! He had placed a water ride next to it, this apparently was the sea for the Little Mermaid. He had placed entertainers on the letter paths, all dressed up and representing, to him, various Little Mermaid characters.

He is such an independent thinker. The same trait that leads to difficulty, when he doesn't get his way with things he wants to have and do, also leads to these ideas and ways of adapting games, toys, furniture or whatever to fit his vision. He knows exactly what he wants to achieve and how, and it bugs him when the rest of us, who have the power sometimes, don't just do what he wants us to!

Lastly, I was amused and pleased at his revelation last night after he'd been to the loo. "Thin chips," he said, referencing the frozen fries he'd eaten earlier, "turn into poo...in the stomach."

This is good. He was saying it mostly to himself, but it shows me, what I may have underestimated, that he is continuing to make links, take in information and learn about the wider world.

I credit Lady for having imparted this crucial information. They have a "lift the flap" human body book and greatly enjoy the page on digestion. When I told her about Duncan's announcement, she laughed and said it was because she'd shown him the book and its page about the "regime of eating a pear." I think she meant "process" but at least she's trying out her extended vocabulary!

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