29 Feb 2008


Gordon's awards ceremony took place last night. The place was packed, and it was only when we were there that I realised how prestigious it all was. Our < sarcasm> beloved leader < /sarcasm> the First Minister and the Health Minister were in the audience. Gordon was one of only 3 people nominated in his category and I think there were 8 categories. So he was in among the elite in a crowd of about 300. He didn't get the award, not that he was much fussed. But we enjoyed the night out, more so since we're tight and it was free. The awards part wasn't too painful, only those introducing the categories gave a speech and these were succinct and informative, well apart from the woman who droned on about pain and the other who blethered about the danger of BMIs higher than 29, to an audience where at least half fit the bill. I mean, they're important topics but make your point and get off the stage.

Anyway, I was totally proud of Gordon for this local recognition after moving here only 3 years ago and starting his research efforts from scratch.

Somehow I think the Irish Bloggers bash will be a bit less stuffy and a bit more fun. There will hardly be any undercover armed bodyguards there, but you never know who any blogger really is and for all I know, there might be someone there who's a really important person. I'm heading down to Dublin tomorrow with my cousin Miche (hello woman!) and if I don't win, she's liable to tear a few strips of whoever beats me! We're staying in the hotel where the award ceremony is taking place, making it much easier to proudly stride/slink in embarrassment/stagger woozily away at the end of the night. We won't know a being there, well not at the start of the night anyway. So anyone reading this who'll be going, if you see 2 northern women looking a bit lost, ask us to join your gang.


Anonymous said...

Good luck & don't drink too much!
Kim (Lisburn)

Club 166 said...

Good luck, and drink all you want!


Alyric said...

Staggering huh? and you a much respected hub blogger:)

Have fun down there and you can raise a glass to all the hub bloggers. There's enough there to get you truly plastered.

S.L. said...

Go get 'em! And, have a drink for me! :) Cheers!

Sharon McDaid said...

Hello Kim! It's nice to see a local person reading.

Joe, such advice, and you a doctor too!

Alyric, me, respected?! Nice.

So SL, what's your tipple?

Thanks for the good luck messages. To be honest, it takes very little to make me a bit tipsy, so I get the effect without the effort.