31 Aug 2007

Best Friends

But to get back to what this blog is really all about, here's a little update on the family.

First, on Monday, we said goodbye to M. the wonderful young woman who has been coming round almost very week for almost a year to play with Duncan and the others. She is starting full-time work as a primary school teacher. She had bought gifts for all 3 children (Underground Ernie engines for the boys- very much appreciated!) and had a lovely card for me, thanking me for inviting her into our home every week.

It had been entirely our pleasure. She is a delightful, kind, fun and intelligent woman. Her class is lucky to have her as their teacher. She was so open to the children, always tried hard to engage Duncan and gained his love in return. She wanted to know a bit about autism to better help any autistic children she may teach. What a special person she is, to have given up her time for free, for that, but mostly to play with a little autistic boy, and to give his mum a bit of time off on a Monday morning.

We will hopefully see her sometimes on the school holidays. I hope so, because we've all made a friend.

And talking of friends, Lady's best friend in the whole wide world came to stay for a few days with her mum and sister. Just like last year when they visited, we all just went right back to familiarity and comfort with each other. This time we went to the Folk and Transport Museums, and S. took the 3 girls on the train to W5. We don't have our 7-seater car anymore so couldn't all fit. They also went to our neighbour's birthday party. Apart from that, we all talked lots and lots, and the children played, dressed-up, created dance sequences to Mika songs...oh my.

I'm so happy that we're still in touch. I'm very fond of them all, and Lady and S. have special bond. When Gordon dropped them at the airport, Lady went too. He told me that she was craning her neck looking out the window as he drove off, and when he asked her to sit back, she had tears running down her face.


Ed said...

I'm sorry to hear about Lady being so sad but I'm glad to hear that you all made such a good friend.

Sharon McDaid said...

Thanks Ed.