8 Aug 2007

London Trip

A few weeks back, Gordon and I went to London for 2 nights while my dad and step-mum minded the children. Gordon was to be awarded Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians; pretty impressive! We arrived on Monday afternoon and stayed in a nice hotel near the Natural History Museum, so obviously we went to see the dinosaurs. In the evening we met up with my sister and had a lovely evening chatting and having cocktails and noodles. The next day we walked around some of our old haunts, then along the river, stepping into the Tate for a while. It'd have been nice to see the Dali exhibition but having Dim Sum in the Harbour City took priority! Then we got dressed up and went to the award ceremony for an afternoon of pomp and splendour at the Royal College. It was a short and surprisingly (to me) interesting event. The president spoke to Gordon straight after, complimenting him on a talk of his he'd heard a few months back. (Look, I boast about the kids often enough, so just allow me this!)

That evening we ate in a super fine Indian restaurant in Knightsbridge called Amaya. We were seated close to the open kitchen, and saw the racks of kebabs and the variety of grills and ovens used. The food was lovely, and included the tastiest potato dish ever. The clientele looked like what used to be known an yuppies. Though to be honest, for a while there, I was one of those NIPPLES myself (New Irish Professional Person Living in England). Walking back to the hotel took us past the convoys of Lamborghinis that some of the ultra rich London dwellers seem to think of as the perfect city vehicle.

On our last morning in London, we dressed up again and went out to enjoy the highlight of our trip; lunch at the Restaurant Gordon Ramsey. This seemed to be a good spot for a celebratory meal. It was the most delicious meal I have ever eaten and we lingered for two hours. Forget FRCP, this was why we'd come to London!

We'd time to kill before heading out to the airport so we went to the Science Museum, still all dolled-up. I discovered I now have a much deeper appreciation for and understanding of, the steam engines on display, thanks to Duncan. We had a quick walk round the 'History of Medicine' display too. There was a bit written about fMRI and autism, including some typical misinformation about how those with the 'disorder' lack empathy, as well as something about developing cures. I should have photographed it. It's something I should investigate further, and perhaps some pressure could be put on them to change the wording.

We got home quite late and learned that the children had all been great. Lady had started summer scheme, Duncan and his Granda had spent a lovely long afternoon on the beach together, and they'd all been treated to trips to the park and ice-creams and the kind of loving attention only grandparents can give.


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