4 Jun 2007

The Joys of June

It's been a while since I last posted. I've been busy, and did much reading and thinking over the weekend.

However, life has gone on and there are several things I want to make note of before I forget them. Like, our trip to the playground last Thursday, when we met up with a gang of other home-educating families, with some old friends and some new ones. It was wet and often cold, but the children still had fun. Lady has at last mastered the art of swinging, and she played most of the time with another 8 year old girl whom she really likes. Thomas paired up with his best buddy, and I rarely spoke to him for the few hours we were there. He was much too busy playing! Duncan enjoyed it too, although he did keep running to the exit at first, saying he wanted to go to McDonald's (we'd passed one on the way there). Eventually he got into the swing of it too, climbing and sliding and having a grand old time. He was on great form, and although I stayed close and kept a careful watch on him, I rarely had to intervene. He did catch me out somewhat when he slid down the slide, ran to the grass verge, and stood to pee. But it was a heck of a lot more socially acceptable than doing it while up the climbing frame! Also, once he approached a man who was holding his daughter's toy Woody (from Toy Story) and was reaching out to touch the toy. I told him it was the little girl's toy, and he left it at that. I explained to the man that Duncan is autistic; he smiled and was perfectly nice. Our friends came to the house after and the children continued to play while we had tea and a chat and warmed up again!

In the evening I was reading to Thomas, a story about a dog taking another dog's bone. I asked him what it's called when someone takes what isn't theirs, he said 'it's called, rude!' Fair enough!

Duncan has continued to draw loads. I took photos of all his most recent art works. I like to see the progression in his ability. I've put them on Flickr here (they're public).

Lady has been marvellous lately. I am so proud of that girl. It's so nice to have an 8 year old daughter about the house, especially when she can make a fine cup of tea! Earlier she showed me a marvellous Superman story she's written. As she was leaving, I asked her for a hug and told her how much I love her and that she is a bright light in my life. She said, 'Thanks! But so is Duncan and so is Thomas!' She always wants to have them included too. So much for the 'poor damaged sibling of the disabled child' theory.

On Friday night, Gordon's Mum babysat again. She is such a star! We went to a dinner dance, (or ball, if you're feeling posh.) I got the tickets from a woman who goes to salsa class with me, and proceeds from the evening were going to the charity that pays for Gordon's research. We had such a good night out. The food was terrible and the wine was rough, but that was not why we were there. (And also, we are both far too fussy these days! I've been spoiled by Gordon's good cooking.) But there was a live, 2-man band, playing fun, wedding-type music, and we chatted and danced, and I even did a little bit of salsa. Though, I now realise that strappy sandals are not best suited for this.

Duncan was enjoying the Pixar site today, especially the short film Knick Knack. He's been singing the Bobby McFerrin music from that film for the past few days, and we've all joined in.
He sings, 'do-be-de do-be do-be do-be-de,' and we go 'wa-wa, wa-wa wa wa-wa-wa-wa.' I'm sure you get it!


Maddy said...

It's great to hear all this happy [positive] stuff.

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I will delete any further spam comments linking to quacks.