23 May 2007

A few journeys

The travellers returned on Sunday morning. They'd had a fabulous time, meeting/catching up with family and enjoying all sorts of outings and activities in Toronto. They'd stayed at a guest house called The Toronto Town House which was perfect in every way and in a great location. Gordon's Mum was in raptures regarding the whole experience. I'm so happy they did it. As well as really enjoying a wonderful city, the week served to strengthen so many strands of family relationships.

The boys and I got on fine at home. We took a trip with my Dad, to visit my 2 brothers in counties Sligo and Leitrim. That kept us all busy for a day, and as always, it was great to see the brothers (or "brudders" as my nieces say!) and all the women folk.

The gymnastics class on Friday didn't work out for Duncan this time. He tried to copy the children for a while (he was singing 'Following the Leader' from Peter Pan). Then he started to try to interact with a few of the children while they were lined up copying the teacher. Basically he kept getting in the way of the children, and going the wrong way round the circuit etc. I told the teacher I wouldn't be taking him back. She said they hope to have a woman, who is more used to teaching gymnastics to disabled children, to work one-to-one with him sometime soon. If that happens he can try again, but for now, Thomas will go alone.

I did however, have a call a few weeks ago, from the school nurse at Duncan's old school. She was asking if I wanted to arrange a health check for him, which I declined since he's been to the paediatrician recently. I did ask her if she knew about any social groups for disabled children, particularly any that also involve siblings. She rang me back last week to tell me about a youth club and an art class that they all could attend. I will have to check these out.

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