2 May 2007

Fantastic at Phonics

We easing back into normal days again...well, normal for us anyway! The boys are watching 'Come Outside' on Cbeebies. They both love this show. Lady is writing a letter (long overdue) to her best friend in London, and I've just spent some time with both boys in turn, doing a little phonics practice. I'd printed out the 'disks' from this free phonics resource years ago when Lady was learning to read. Duncan has not sat down to do phonics before, but he got the hang of it right away, and just flew through the words! He did 7 pages, before I saw he was getting a bit bored. He was able to decipher all the words, though I had to listen hard as he insisted on whispering them. I was very impressed. Then I repeated the exercise with Thomas. He only did 3 pages, he was much less interested! Anyway, I'm not too worried. We will just do a few minutes each day, and avoid potential tantrums, from all 3 of us!

Lady goes to Brownies tonight and I go to salsa class. I arranged today to take Thomas to a gymnastics and trampolining class on Friday afternoon. I'm going to let Duncan try the class out too, even though it's for 5 year olds. It might be better for him to do something with younger children. The woman I spoke to sounded supportive, so we'll just have to see how it goes.

The other thing is, Duncan has decided that he now wants to go to Disneyland Paris! We went out to a nearby playground on Sunday evening, and he was convinced we were all going on the aeroplane! Oh boy, just a few weeks too late! Anyway, we were only in the park 10 minutes when a pair of men came to close and lock it up. They were so grumpy, giving the children real cross looks- Duncan in particular! Duncan was protesting, he didn't want to leave when we'd just arrived, but I wasn't aware it closed as early as 7pm! These fellas were like characters from the Beano!

Anyway, I reckon I will just have to go back to Disneyland with Duncan, leaving the other 2 with Gordon. I've already told my sister that she has to come with us ;-)


Maddy said...

Now that sounds like a great plan - taking him on his own. I wonder if they have the same 'pass' system as the one in the States [special needs voucher / pass thingy] which means that you don't have to wait in line.

Anonymous said...

Park keepers! Time for the Bash Street Kids, eh?

Sharon McDaid said...

Yep, they have some sort of pass system at Disneyland Paris, which I'll have to investigate further.

Mike, I couldn't remember which Beano story they stepped out off, but that's the one!