29 Apr 2007

Thomas is 5 today!

Gordon's Jamaican cousin is over from England for the weekend with her 1 year old daughter. The baby is so gorgeous and we've all loved playing with her and making her laugh. She has such a smile, wow, it's really precious. I got lots of cuddles, especially when her mum was away briefly with Gordon. I got a good fix of baby girl deliciousness!

But the big story is, Thomas was 5 today. We had such a nice time celebrating his birthday. Dad and G. came out for a visit yesterday to give him his present, a pair of light sabres (or light savers, as he calls them!) They weren't able to come today.

So today, after breakfast, he got some more presents; 5 pots of play dough from Lady and Duncan, and a Pirates of the Caribbean dressing up outfit, and a few Doctor Who toys from us. J (Gordon's cousin) bought him a talking Tardis money box. Gordon's mum joined the gathering, as did U, the girl from next door, so we had a small but happy group for the celebration. His cake was also a Doctor Who creation. Oh we're all big fans of the Doctor here and are really enjoying our Saturday night fix. (Lady much prefers Martha to Rose, for one thing, she looks more like her ;-) but she reckons Martha is cleverer, asks more questions and screams less.)

We all headed to the beach and had a nice walk and Duncan drew sand pictures and chased dogs. It was all simple pleasures, and when I was kissing Thomas goodnight, he told me he'd had a really good day. He's such a star. I'm really crazy about that boy!


Mom26children said...

Email me your address please and I will send out a copy of the Extreme Makeover show.
I am sending one to someone else in the UK this week.


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Linda said...

iam so taken with your write up but more so iam so happy you met alice and the mad hatter!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send our family your picture of alice as my daughter adores her from the park and her picture with alice didnt come out well at all, she broke her heart when we came to that one in the photo pack. Ive been serching all over the internet to find something or someone with a connection like yours! Please reply i hope its not alot of trouble. Awaiting your reply! Linda. best to send a message to this email