24 Apr 2007

Disneyland Day 1

I've been trying to find the time to write a post about our fabulous holiday last week, but keep getting stuck with stuff like washing, cleaning, helping the children to learn and catching up on what happened in blog land and in real life while we were away (bloody awful stuff). So I'm splitting my telling of this tale into sections, otherwise it'll never be posted.

It's sure to bore the t... or whatever off most people, so read on at your peril.

The big day arrived. I had time to pack and tidy and organise stuff that had to be organised, before Dad and G (my step-mum) arrived at 3. I'd written a story comic strip for Duncan to reassure him that we would be returning. He was ecstatic when he saw his grandparents. He knew they would be looking after him and he was obviously very happy and excited. We all kissed and hugged and said goodbye then Gordon, Lady, Thomas and me drove to the airport.

The journey was smooth. We'd each taken a small bag or case and carried them on-board. The flight left on time and the children enjoyed it. I'd booked a taxi to take us to Disneyland from Charles de Gaulle, and the driver was waiting in the terminal holding a placard with my name. About 30 minutes later, we were pulling up to the hotel.

The Sequoia Lodge hotel looked nice, lots of wood and stone. It's supposed to resemble a lodge from the great national parks of the USA. As I was checking in, the children spotted Minnie Mouse in the lobby. Some children were with her, but Lady and Thomas were too shy to approach her yet. A minute later my shoulder was tapped, and it was Minnie. It was obvious then that this was no ordinary hotel, this would be no ordinary holiday. The children then said hello to her, though Thomas was still uncertain about the big creature person.

We dropped our bags off in our room which was perfectly nice. I hadn't booked a room in the main building as that cost a bit more and I didn't see the benefits, but we'd been upgraded anyway...which was nice!

So, it was then just after 9 pm, but Extra Magic Hours meant guests of the Disney hotels could stay in the park for 2 hours after closing on a few days each week. So we headed to the park. It was a scenic and gentle walk round the lake, passing through an area called the Disney Village, which was a collection of shops and restaurants, then going under the pretty Disneyland Hotel to the park entrance. And wow, it really was something special. I know this is a big corporation, but man, they are good at creating magic. It was beautiful.

We scoffed a few hot dogs to stave off the hunger pangs and set off to try a few rides in the short time before closing. Thomas had always said he wanted to try the Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride 1st, so we went there, and queued for only about 10 minutes. Straight afterwards we went to the Peter Pan's Flight and got onto our 'flying' ship right away! Both rides were so much fun, and the children talked about their favourite bits for ages afterwards,

We were all hungry for something more substantial then, so even though it was after 10 we went to the Rainforest Cafe. We just shared 2 large starters, and Gordon and I had a cocktail each. A short dander brought us back to our room, where the children instantly conked out.

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