21 Feb 2006

So I don’t forget

Duncan has been talking more recently and his speech has become much clearer. I wanted to record some of his little phrases, all of which he’s copied from videos etc. The latest one is ‘Pippin! Come on Pippin, it’s time to fly!’, taken from the BBC program, Come Outside. He got Lady’s Ju Jitsu red belt the other day, wrapped it round himself and handed me the end while saying this. He wanted me to play ‘Auntie Mabel’ while he played Pippin the dog who has a red lead.

He has a whole selection of phrases to express anger or that he’s not happy with a situation;
‘Help, HELP ME’, which can be disconcerting when you’re in the shops,
‘Mercy, MERCY!’- from Disney’s Robin Hood (when the chicken pretends to die),
‘FIONA, FIONA!’ or ‘I’m an ogre, GRRRR!’ – from Shrek 2,
‘Gordon was grumpy, the passengers were grumpy’ – from, well, guess what?
On Sunday at a friends house he wanted to play outside and he called me out with him while saying in a very chirpy manner ‘Come on, lets go’ – which I later recognised from the excellent American learn to read site, Starfall.

He is skilled at letting people know what he wants and his most used phrase is ‘I want …’. Only a few weeks ago he has started to say ‘I want MY Mummy’.
When he’s asking me for something and I’m not acting on the command promptly enough he says ‘wake up Mummy’.

Anyway, I must go as the little prince is asking me to draw Zeebad (from the Magic Roundabout film, oh god, don’t ask!).


Anonymous said...

I’m reading with interest. Maddy at 3 was like this exactly (not sure how old your lot are :) ) and all her speech, when it came, was direct from Disney and mostly with an American accent. So was all her(very limited) play.

At 5 she was talking with a fair approximation of normal speech and at 6 you would really hardly think she needed her Aspergers dx. *I* know, of course, that things can be much less than peachy for her, but so many of those truly terrifying signs have melted away it is hard to believe that less than 3 years ago i was besides myself with worry over her.

Sharon McDaid said...

Duncan is 5 1/2. Yip, he does copy accents but his voice is also very high pitched. It’s very cute actually! He is doing more direct echolalia now (copying what someone has said right away) and always with the same intonation as whoever said it. He does this a lot with his 3yo brother, who enunciates every word with great care! Thomas is his best speech therapist.
(I started changing the way I talked to Duncan when he was diagnosed, really reducing the number of words and making it as easy as possible for him to process the language. Thomas was born at his time so I talked to him in the same way and wonder if it’s part of the reason he is SO verbal now).

Anonymous said...

This is interesting for me too, Jake has A.S speech is a problem for him, he has ‘phrases’ that he uses, and only recently has begun to put together his own sentances, he is very loud atm!! He’s also 5 1/2.

Anonymous said...

This is extremely interesting for me as you almost exactly discribed Nathan(dx Aspergers) at three years of age though he was very much a Thomas the Tank Engine mimic. Something clicked at about age 5(ish) when he suddenly claimed things as ‘MINE’. It made my day.