9 Feb 2006

Running and jumping!

So, I got a bow’n’arrow for Duncan. It was part of a tacky plastic ‘Big Chief’ dressing up set. Lady was so pleased when we found it in the shop; she said that Duncan would be in heaven when he saw it. He was asleep when I came home. I went to his room to check on him and he woke up briefly, looked at me and mumbled ‘bow’n’arrow’ so I got it and put it under his pillow and he was most gratified!

We all walked to the country park on Sunday. It was magical. Lady and Thomas took their scooters. Duncan found a strong stick which he slung over his shoulder. He had a great time stomping about looking and touching. He kept humming the song from the Teletubbies Animal Parade!

Yesterday Thomas, Lady and me went to the Folk and Transport Museum. We had the place to ourselves! It was cold so we were glad to warm up by the fire in the ‘rectory’. The woman working there was baking soda bread on a griddle over the fire, or as Thomas calls it ‘Sodor bread’. If you know anything about Thomas the Tank engine, you’ll know why! (He also calls our spare bedroom the ‘guessing room’, having misheard guest room. Lady calls it ‘the Land of Spare ‘Oom’, her first literary reference (The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe)). Lady really likes that museum and asks me non-stop questions about things she sees. We also visited the railway section of the Transport Museum, which is so impressive. With no effort, we learnt loads about how transport and power developed.

In the afternoon, I took Lady to drama as usual. We always have to wait about for an hour while she is at the class and Duncan always gets a new train from the toy shop. We seem to have added a visit to one of the charity shops onto our Tuesday routine. Duncan knows they always have kid’s videos so we have added a few new titles to our collection over the past few weeks. It was raining when we were going back to the car, so we had to run. I was calling ‘1, 2, 3 jump’ and the boys were laughing and running and jumping. We got there extra quickly and everyone was happy!

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