21 Mar 2010

Elf Spotted in North Down

This afternoon, I was driving with Lady and Duncan when Duncan said something that had us roaring laughing. A woman crossed the road in front of us and Duncan, sitting in the front passenger seat beside me looked at her very closely, brow furrowed. Then he announced, clearly referring to the woman, "it is NOT a human."
I protested, "It is a human!" (I found myself using the same pronoun as him, he uses the gender pronouns interchangeably anyway.)
Duncan disagreed. "No. It is not a human."
"Well what is it then?"
His empahtic response;"it is an elf."

I could see why he thought that. The woman had short dark hair, was wearing a furry sort of pale coat and had very red cheeks. She did have a bit of the elf (like those in the film Elf) about her. And Duncan was deadly serious, thinking he'd just pointed out something as obvious as if he'd shown me a white van or a black bird.

It was a nice wee bit of sunshine in the day.

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