19 Jun 2009

Guest post by Lady: Jamaica Day 1

Lady wrote a post on her blog and allows me to post it here too. Please leave any comments with her. Here goes:

On May the 28th my Dad, brother, Grandma and I went to Jamaica for my great auntie's funeral. We had to get two planes, one from Belfast to London Gatwick and one from Gatwick to Montego Bay (in Jamaica).

But it was not easy! We had to wait in Gatwick airport for a very long time because the flight we were taking was delayed by about one full day! When we at last got on the plane it took off and we were going. I was really glad because all of the passengers had started to get incredibly mad. I was too!

After 11 hours on the plane, we landed. It was extremely hot and I felt exhausted. We all got a taxi to our hotel which was about 10 minutes drive away. We slept as soon as we got in our rooms. Next day, Thomas and me went outside and started climbing trees in the beautiful garden. The mango trees were full of fruit. Next we went swimming in the pretty pool, surrounded by trees and exotic flowers and with a waterfall and a pond. We ate breakfast on the balcony looking over the garden.

We went back to the airport to hire a car then all drove into the country to my Granda's house. He lives in Jamaica. He lives near lots of mountains and loads of the houses are built on sticks. There are goats, dogs and chickens running about. We played with our cousins Justin, Jamie, Monique, Anesca and Rosa. We played chasies, hide and seek and I taught them some cheer leading and gymnastics moves. Justin was great at doing cartwheels.

My Granda uses a wheelchair and he likes to chat a lot. He asked me lots of questions about what I've been doing. I met him once before when I was 5 years old. He was very friendly and I like him a lot.
When we left his house we drove to Mandeville where my other great aunt, Mary lives. It was quite late when we arrived and I hadn't eaten since breakfast. I had a tiny bit of mango and cocunut at Granda's house but I was too busy playing to eat more. Dad took Thomas and me out for KFC while Grandma got some time to talk to her sister Mary.

We played with some of our other cousins who lived there and went to bed in Mary's house. It was very late and I was really tired, but I was still one of the last people to go to bed.


Grannymar said...

That is one talented young lady you have there Sharon!

Elaine Caul said...

Brilliant post! Sounds like she's having a ball!

Sharon McDaid said...

@Grannymar, thanks. I think so too!

@3laine, she really loved her time over there, especially being with her extended family.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lady. That was a great post; I can almost imagine being there. I'm looking forward to the next installment! I hope your BBQ was fun yesterday. Speak soon, love C xx

Manuel said...

superb......extra wine and chips for you next time....

I'm back btw!

new home