30 Oct 2007

Here Be Monsters

We've been making decorations for Halloween. I'm not quite sure what they all want to happen tomorrow in honour of the day. We won't be doing trick or treat anyway. It's not done round here. We might go to the Folk museum for a while, and then get a scary video to watch at home with fizzy drinks and popcorn. I was thinking about, Monster House; does anyone have a better recommendation? Nothing too scary, the children would be OK, but I frighten easily and like all my siblings, don't do horror.

When I was wee (ie, a child) we'd have a bonfire on Halloween night in the field across the road from our house. A load of cousins would turn up, and we'd eat loads of nuts and fruit and wear scary plastic masks (no other dressing up) and wave sparklers. It was always good fun, even if you ended up with cow dung on your wellies since you couldn't see where you were walking in the dark field.

Thomas intends to dress up as the not very scary, Harry Potter. What a surprise! Duncan has been wearing his Captain Hook outfit every day for over a week. He's worn it to all the shops, his Grandma's house, the swimming pool, and very dashing he looks too. I think Lady will wear her witch dress. I'll just be my hideous, evil and horrifying self. Look on me, and turn to stone...

Right, well. I have to give a big congratulations to my big brother T. He ran his first ever marathon in Dublin on Monday, and got round in 3 hours 39 minutes. What a guy! So hooray for him!

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Anonymous said...

Well at least you said the bit about look at you and we all turn to stone....I was too polite! It's a shame you couldn't make to mums, we are having a wee party tomorrow night. Congrats to T, that's brilliant.
Miche xx