11 Jul 2007

The Steam Train

On Sunday, (after I'd calmed down a bit, he he) we all got in the car and went to one of our favourite places, the Railway Museum. We rode in the steam train, and the children each bought a little gift in the shop. This shop is a Thomas the Tank Engine mecca.

It was nice, and Duncan loved watching the engine back onto the carriages and seeing the man couple them together. The best bit was when he was able to watch the driver shoveling coal on the fire. We rode the train twice, and the second time it was raining. We had no coats, but Duncan still wanted to watch the engine shifting from one end of the train to the other, so I had to stand in the rain with him. We were the only people out there!


Maddy said...

Couldn't get it to load [just thought I'd mention it]
Glad you had such a brill time. We saw trains too [to and from Poole to Corfe Castle]
Best wishes

mumkeepingsane said...

Railway museums are our favorite places too. We always have a fabulous time.

I can almost picture it. Two solitary figures bound together by the wonder that is an engine. :)