15 Sept 2006

No indeed

We had another day out at W5 yesterday, meeting with a few other HE families. As ever when we're there, we spent most of our time in the section with the huge wooden train set, the balls and water splashy area, and the house construction play area (complete with a crane and foam bricks). Lady and her friend J went off together around rest of the centre.

Duncan tried to grab the controls for the crane from another little boy, about 2 years old, who was not happy about this interruption and bit Duncan hard on his arm. His mother was affronted and apologised as I comforted Duncan, who was upset but not crying.

We all headed to the pizza restaurant for a noisy lunch. Lady ate loads, I can't believe the appetite that girl has sometimes. But she is always on the move too, so is lean and strong. Duncan ate some ice-cream, scooping it up with some toy chattering teeth Lady had just bought him. He was all excited about the purchase of 'false teeth'; he's had a thing about false teeth for a while now.

When Gordon came home, I asked Duncan to tell him what the 'naughty boy' had done in W5. Duncan said, 'naughty boy, bite' then demonstrated on his own arm. He showed Gordon where the injury was (there's a small bruise). We were happy that he was able to tell a story about some previous event, as he hasn't done that before.

There have been new additions to Duncan's repertoire of language. It might seem that I'm perseverating on this topic, but I find it helpful to record it here.
On Wednesday, in reply to something I asked (don't remember what) he responded with 'No indeed'!

When Gordon asked him last night as he was going to bed 'do you love me?' he replied, after thinking for a few seconds, 'yes I love you.' Gordon said, 'do I love you', some more thought, then the answer, 'yes, you love me.' That was the 1st time ever he used you, me and I correctly in such a sentence. What a star!

The other new phrase, is 'yes, I am' which is used interchangeably with his other mode of assent.

I love seeing this progression; unforced, unhurried - natural.

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