25 Jul 2006

A new experience

Lady has gone to summer scheme. It's her first day and she was nervous when I dropped her off this morning. She doesn't know anyone there. It's being held at the local leisure centre and should be loads of fun for her. The only problem is, it lasts from 9 to 5; such a long day! We're missing her too.

Thomas and I went shopping this morning. I wanted something to wear to my cousin's wedding in August. I told Thomas what would be happening, and that it probably wouldn't be much fun for him, but he wanted to come anyway. He said he wanted to see my new clothes. He gives me sartorial advice some mornings, so perhaps there's a future in fashion for the boy!
(Oh, just to record a lovely Thomas moment; yesterday morning, he came into our room for his daily hug, and when I told him I had to get up, he said I just needed 'one more bit of hug-ness' before he'd let me go. He's such a darling!)
So off we went, with him charming all the old ladies as usual.

On Sunday we went for a long walk together, through the country park and down to the beach. On the way, the children started playing in the stream while we rested on a bench. An old woman was out walking her dogs, 2 friendly and imperturbable creatures. We said hello to each other and she was just about to turn round to the sight of Duncan standing by a tree, and who had chosen that very moment to empty his bladder. So I quickly called out 'Isn't it a lovely day' and we had a nice chat and she admired the children and thought we were a lovely family altogether ;-)

When we reached the beach, Duncan started to ask for his small wand. I suddenly remembered that the last time we were at that particular beach, he had brought and lost a little toy wand. Obviously he thought it would have turned up again. I was able to distract him with a bag of pistachio nuts. I ended up carrying him on my back for a while.

Our journey then took us through some meadows so they all ran through shouting 'swishy swashy' (Bear Hunt reference there). It was a lovely time together.

In the afternoon we decided to have our first ever family trip to the cinema. We watched Over the Hedge, and everyone enjoyed it. Gordon bought some popcorn for the boys and they sat, enthralled for the whole show. Duncan was funny; he cried a few times, when he saw the characters on-screen cry, and he was particularly taken with the phrase 'Stella, STELLA!!' shouted by the cat who was in love with the skunk; hope I'm not ruining the plot for anyone here! However, Duncan thought he was calling 'stand up' and a few times throughout the show he shouted 'stand up!' I had to tell him that we are quiet in cinemas. Duncan also looked round to the projection room a few times, with a big smile on his face. There was something about that which ticked him.

I'm so happy to know there is another thing we can enjoy together as a family.


Anonymous said...

Hehe, when Finding Nemo came out, I took TS & her sister D to see it in the theatre. It was the first movie TS actually sat through in the theatre! (Well, she stood up a couple of times, but that was when it was exciting.)

She was totally absorbed by the movie. When they were chasing the diving mask, and Nemo's dad was saying, "Get the mask, get the mask, get the mask," TS stood up and yelled, "GET THE MASK!"

She definitely knew what was going on...!

Anonymous said...

Charlie and I had a great time at Over the Hedge, as I wrote about here. Duncan did great with shopping----Charlie has no patience and I buy everything on the internet.

Sometimes we just take train rides for the purpose of the ride, a walk (varying length depending on things) at the destination, and back home. It might not be everyone's idea of an "outing," but I just like to vary the activities.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fabulous day, glad you were able to enjoy it together.

Anonymous said...

We went to see that film too. I think Luke was a bit young for it as it didn't hold his attention. He is really looking forward to the new Disney film 'Cars' as he is obsessed with cars in general. It comes out next week I think so there will be a family trip for us in store :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy your first experience at the theater went well! I love the bit about Duncan calling out to the screen, my (almost 8 yo) son does that. We tell him not to, of course, but it's also sweet to see a child that caught up in a storyline.

hazel, Cars is really fantastic. I've never seen a Pixar movie I didn't like, and this was my favourite (and thats saying a lot, I love the others so much).

Sharon McDaid said...

Duncan picks up lots of phrases from films; up until now it's been from videos and DVDs. It's usually something shouted by a character when they're angry or anxious. I suppose those bits stand out more.

We're definitely going to see 'Cars' next week, now we know this is a workable option for us.