4 May 2006

A standardised measurement of one's Irishness

All uncertainties have been calculated with a 95% confidence limit.

My blog buddy Elderfairy had a Irishness quizz on her blog. I did it and then left her a comment saying I could write a better daft quiz than that. She suggested I stick it on here so here it is. I'm too lazy to do anything other than cut and paste what I wrote already! Oh, and feel free to leave your own questions too.

    Why does that picture have a 4 leaf clover on it? Is it supposed to be a shamrock? Ah well. I took that test and am pleased to say that I only scored 50% Irish!
    There’s a bit of an American slant to the questions. I gained a few marks for knowing a bit about Gaelic games and I lost points by not liking beer!

    Now, what would I set as the questions in such a test?!

    Do you know the words of 2 verses of Danny Boy?
    Do you know any rebel/loyal songs at all?
    Do you know more about the history of this island than would be reasonable?
    Do you know who Dinny Byrne was?
    What’s the most embarrassing thing Dana has done in the past 30 years?
    What is the biggest lake in the UK and Ireland?
    What’s the story of Cuchulainn?
    Why do loads of northerners flock to Donegal in July?
    Why do nightclubs now smell of farts?
    Why paint the curb stones?
    What’s wrong with Kevin Myers?

    Jeez I’d better stop. I really should be doing something more useful with my time ;-)
    But at least I’d score well with that test!

    Anyway, nationality should be a fluid thing. When we moved here from England my dad asked Lady if she was now Irish or English. She said she was a bit Irish, a bit English and a bit Jamaican. So no worries about knowing where she fits in there!


deb w said...

Nope, not enough to say yes, probably less than is reasonable, no idea, too many to choose from, Lough Neagh, haven’t a clue, ’cause they think the sun might shine (hey, it’s a different country, right?), are you sure that’s an Irish thing?, to *make your point* ;-) , and uh…who?

Sharon said...

Right Deb, you set your own questions now. You could come at it from a slightly different angle…

deb w said...

Oh no no no… I’m not going there! LOL